Goran Ivanisevic Articles & Interviews

Goran Wimbledon Champion In The Making? - Tennis World - June 1992 (With Pictures) Goran Ivanisevic believes he can become Wimbledon champion. There is no doubt he has the game. His bullet? 130mph serves and improved volleys testify to that. But another reason for his increased confidence is his Mohican haircut!

Wimbledon Final - 5 July 1992 - Those who say that Goran only has the serve may seem vindicated by this match. He threw in over 200 aces for the tournament, and nearly forty in this match alone

Compaq Grand Slam Cup - 7 December 1992 - Sure, there is more than tennis. I am a little bit sick of the -- not sick, but you can have time that you want to do other things. I cannot do family because family, kids and dog, but I can go out with some friends and do some other sports, what I like, because I am interested in all the other sports, soccer, basketball, so I like to change a little bit.

Compaq Grand Slam Cup - 10 December 1992 - He was like kind of idol for me because he had the same way of playing like temperament on the court. That was my dream to play him once or meet him once

Compaq Grand Slam Cup - 12 December 1992 - This year was my best year by far and I am very pleased the way I play, but I lost two most important matches in my life this year.