Goran Ivanisevic Articles & Interviews

Lipton Championships - 12 March 1994 - I started the year good, better than the previous years, so I think maybe this is the good year for me. I don't have too many things to defend; especially on the Grand Slam tournaments. I think I can play good this year at the French and Wimbledon.

Lipton Championships - 16 March 1994 - Goran, first, about yesterday, the incident on the doubles court. Can you describe what it feels like to be hit with a serve from Marc Rosset in the back of the head?

The Evening Standard - 28 June 1994 - He has a lovely way of expressing himself. When you ask him about a plan to speed up matches, he explains: "Good. I like to play fast. Too many players bounce the ball, they look at me, they look at the ground. They bounce it 10 times. They look at the sky. They bounce it again an' I fall asleep."

ATP Tour World Championship - 14 November 1994 - "Tokyo I had to eat cake at 11:15 every night before I go to sleep. So, I mean, I didn't like the cake, but first day I eat it, the second day I won the match"

ATP Tour World Championship - 15 November 1994 - "I don't care about crowd. They can scream even harder, you know, I mean, it is better for him, but I don't care; I had to win this match today"

ATP Tour World Championship - 16 November 1994 - "I have another match and Friday I go and I play I am going to try to beat Pete if it is possible. I don't want to -- I mean, I have still little chances"

ATP Tour World Championship - 18 November 1994 - "This year I behave very good. I had all my fines. I had like $6,000 fines only on press conference because I didn't show up at the press conference. That what hurt me; only $2,000 what I when I throw the racket."

Compaq Grand Slam Cup - 6 December 1994 - "It's going to be maybe -- it is not going to be the best match in the world Thursday, but it is going to be, for sure, an exciting match. And I know the whole crowd is going to be on his side, but it is going to be fun. I mean, we had a lot of great matches, especially this year, and we know each other very good, and I think it is going to be a good match. I mean, interesting match. "

Compaq Grand Slam Cup - 8 December 1994 - "Yeah, but that was -- that ball was not even close, you know. That was deuce, and that ball was 10 centimeters long. That guy didn't call it. But then I lost my temper a little bit, but then after that, I played better and better after that point."