Goran Ivanisevic Articles & Interviews

ATP Tour Newsweek Champions Cup - 13 March 1996 - I don't have anything against women, but just I don't like to see them too much around, you know. It is better for my mind

ATP Tour Newsweek Champions Cup - 14 March 1996 - It is no explanation. It is just -- for me, it is no middle. It is I lose or I win. And last year I couldn't win and they asked me when I am going to win. So now when I am winning they ask me when I am going to lose

The Sunday Times - 17 March 1996 - So which Ivanisevic is the true one - the petulant, racket-breaking adolescent or the intelligent, concerned Croatian citizen who takes his responsibilities as a national icon very seriously?

Lipton Championships - 28 March 1996 - Goran, at the end of the match, you were handed three balls to hit up into the stands and you either through one completely out of the stadium or it was so high that I couldn't see -- did it go out of the stadium?

Lipton Championships - 29 March 1996 - This is Goran's 7th ATP Tour final of the year. He will attempt to win his fifth time of the year which will also be a career best for him. He is also trying to win his first career ATP Tour title on U.S. soil. The last final he reached was in August of 1991 in New Haven. Questions for Goran?

Lipton Championships - 31 March 1996 - Before we get started. This is the first time in Goran's career he has retired in ATP tour finals. He is now 38 and 5th for the year. It was the 7th ATP tour final of the year and he's four and three in those finals.First question for Goran, please...

Lipton Championships - 1996 - I think a lot of mistakes by umpire. He let that happen, not only this last call. I think my second serve was in the court, the other one I didn't see.

An Interview With Goran Ivanisevic - 1996 - In Europe, nobody cares about baseball. Is just here in the States big. I mean, okay, I following only because the guy is hitting the home runs.

An Interview With Goran Ivanisevic - 9 June 1996 - No, I was very cool. Surprised, I think, everybody there kept even when I serve there -- because I played not great tennis; I served good, but I did not play well.

Condemed to win - Goran's Great Year - 1996 - The hottest player in men's tennis so far this year is not Pete Sampras, nor is it Agassi, Muster, Chang or Becker. The man in the best form at the moment is surely Goran Ivanisevic. What is the world coming to?