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Goran and his pigtails - 1998 - Goran Ivanisevic sported pig-tails, Andrea Gaudenzi a bra, and Diego Nargiso glossy lipstick as they joined Nicolas Lapentti and Goran's physio Robert Prusac in the debut performance of the ATP Tour's very own Spice Girls.

du Maurier Open - 1998 - I mean I have to win something, you know. It doesn't matter what. Or maybe win a couple of matches or make final or semis, something, but I don't think so much about it anymore.

du Maurier Open - 1998 - This is nothing compared to Wimbledon. So I'm used to that. This is part of tennis. You have to be prepared for anything.

Goran's Going For It - 1998 - When a reporter noted that the bearded Ivanisevic is looking more and more like pictures depicting Jesus Christ, and inquired whether he will be shaving if he gets into the finals, Ivanisevic replied, "No. I never change anything during the tournament."

Near misses becoming laughing matter for Ivanisevic - 1998 - The talented and temperamental left-hander, winner of 21 singles titles, comes to Flushing Meadow this week as the 14th seed. He's still searching for his first Grand Slam title and still smarting somewhat from another Wimbledon finals loss.

Indian Wells Revisited - 1998 - The 27-year-old Croat won the Croatian Indoors this year and now has a total 21 career ATP Tour singles titles: "It's unbelievable for me to win here. I had so much pressure to win in my hometown. It was like having a bomb ready to explode in my head all week," said Ivanisevic after he had won the event.

The King Of Aces - 1998 - In Croatia, Goran Ivanisevic is a national hero. Since 1991, the resident of Split ranks among the world's top tennis players. So far he has collected 20 singles titles in his career. In 1996 and 1997 he won his home tournament in Zagreb.

McEnroe's help? Sure, why not! - 1998 - Health problems did their job. Instead of being today in St. Petersburg,Russia, Goran Ivaniaevic had to prolonge his Zagreb stayin 'cos of a hurt neck

Everything is risky with me - 1998 - "My main goal is to try to win a Grand Slam and get back to the top 10, where I think I deserve to be," he said. When I asked which goal would be more difficult to attain, he replied candidly, " The first one".

Stella Artois - 1998 - I surprised myself from the beginning and I played one bad game. It was a good match, everytime I had break points on his serve..he had only 1 or 2 on mine and he broke me once, but I am happy the way I played

Wimbledon - 1998 - But this year, I mean, I've felt better. I'm feeling much better, much happier, and I have a desire to play and practise, and I feel inside of me that it's coming, and just it's a question of time when I'm going to break through and make a good result.

Wimbledon - 1998 - If I play like this, then anything is possible. This is a very high quality tennis that I played already yesterday, we both played well, and today I continued to play great tennis.

Like old times, Ivanisevic comes up short - 1998 - Even the mention of Croatia's World Cup victory Saturday over Germany failed to brighten his mood - "I cannot cheer anybody now," he said. "I can only kill myself."

The Times - 1 July 1998 - And there still was the press conference before Ivanisevic could settle in with the soccer game. Told then that Croatia was leading, 1-0, Ivanisevic did his best Beavis imitation, saying, "Good . . . hey, hey, hey.

The Times - 1 July 1998 - The great tragedy of Goran Ivanisevic's life is that he was never painted by Toulouse-Lautrec. His appearance, now more louche than ever, is of a forgotten symbolist poet shortly before last orders at Le Tambourin cafe in Paris in the late 1880s, with his seventeenth glass of absinthe beside him and Vincent already passed out at his feet.

Ivanisevic still smiling after bumping heads - 8 August 1998 - 'Yeah, somebody that is a little shorter, so when he hits me in the head it will be more in the chest,' Ivanisevic said, smiling despite the blood still dripping down his face during a news conference.

Great American ATP Championships - 12 August 1998 - It's horror. Me, I was born, probably my father and mother were watching some horror movie when they made me and then I am horror...

Great American ATP Championships - 13 August 1998 - It's not my day -- it's not my year, probably. That's more like -- but what can I do. On the team -- I know I can always go to play golf, which I'm going to do.

Pilot Pen International - 21 August 1998 - Yeah, probably we should stay together in the room. Maybe I suggest that to him. One bed, two beds, he wakes up on one side and...

Pilot Pen International - 23 August 1998 - I didn't have four shots today. Second serve bad. No forhand down the line. Bad return and backhand to risky. And I did a lot of running. I hit only forehand crosscourt, he stand there and made me left right, left right, I was running like an idiot.

US Open - 5 September 1998 - Your good friend and next opponent, Patrick Rafter, was in here a few moments ago. He informed us that you'd received a number of interesting items in the mail, including handcuffs. Could you share with us what those items were, and where they came from, what use they're going to be?

US Open - 8 September 1998 - In Europe, nobody cares about baseball. Is just here in the States big. I mean, okay, I following only because the guy is hitting the home runs. Now he has one more and going to break the record, so it's interesting. Otherwise, no way I going to watch that.

Ivanisevic still smiling after bumping heads - 8 August 1998 - 'Yeah, somebody that is a little shorter, so when he hits me in the head it will be more in the chest,' Ivanisevic said, smiling despite the blood still dripping down his face during a news conference.

Retransmitting to restore Bjt designator - 1998 - After absorbing 23 aces and 49 winners from Ivanisevic in a 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 loss at the U.S. Open on Monday, Woodforde sounded less than impressed. And he responded by launching some high, hard ones of his own at Ivanisevic - ``He just served me off the court,'' he said. ``That's about all Goran has.''

Tennis Magazine - 9 Questions with Goran Ivanisevic - 1998 - Only I could break my finger this way. I went home, but I forgot what I went home for. So I went (back) out to the car, then I remembered what I came for. So I went back in but I closed the car door on my finger. I smashed it and broke a couple of bones

Ivanisevic, Woodforde exchange best volleys after match - 1998 - "It's time for him to retire," said Ivanisevic. "From singles. In doubles he is still good because he can still cover half the court. He's pretty old, can't move and with that (crappy) backhand you can't beat anybody." "If you have a son, just show a Woodforde picture and say 'You can't play tennis like him."