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OK! Magazine - 10 January 2002 (With Pictures) - Sadly, for the millions of women clamouring for his attention after his emotional win, the handsome sports star, defeated in three previous Wimbledon finals, already had his beautiful long-term girlfriend - Croatian model Tatjana Dragovic - waiting nervously in the wings back home

Goran Interview - Australian Open 2002 - 14 January - I have a problem with my shoulder. It's not good, you know. It hurts, but I mean I'm playing till I feel like I cannot play any more, you know. So I had a tough match today, three hours, and in the beginning was very, very sore, very slow.

Goran and Grosjean Go the Distance - Australian Open 2002 - 14 January - Many thought that the likeable Croatian would not return to Melbourne. Last year he was eliminated in the first round of qualifying, his tournament over before it had even begun. However Goran is back and believes he is making progress.

Goran Interview - Australian Open 2002 - 16 January - If I feel my arm is sore I'm going to stop, you know, because I concentrating on Wimbledon, you know, that Monday, one o'clock, when I stepping on that Centre Court, you know.

Goran looks to Repeat Wimbledon Victory - 22 January 2002 - "I now feel I can win every match I play now because of winning Wimbledon last year. It put me back on the track of winning and playing good tennis.

Ivanisevic alone with his memories - The Times - 26 February 2002 - 'I donít have any idea what Iím doing,' Ivanisevic said. 'I donít know when to stay back or when to come in. Iím playing without too much confidence and I donít know why.' The thought that he had gone through this before provided little by way of comfort, either.

Goran Interview - Nasdaq-100 Open - 23 March 2002 - And I was hoping, you know, yesterday was okay play. But today it was not good. I mean, the doctor told me it's a lottery. It's a lottery which one week can be good, three weeks can be bad. And that's why I didn't want to operate last year, because I thought with the amount of pain I had last year I could survive another year. But I was not thinking it was going to be worse, which it is.

Deuce - Inaugural Issue 2002 - A Man Fulfilled - "Wimbledon Champion," a dazed Goran Ivanisevic kept repeating on that unforgettable Monday afternoon at the All England Club. "I am Wimbledon Champion, I cannot believe it. Now, nothing matters. Now I can die. I am Wimbledon Champion."

Ivanisevic withdraws from Wimbledon - 8 May 2002 - Wimbledon Men's Singles champion, Goran Ivanisevic, will not be able to defend his title at the 2002 Championships from June 24 - July 7.

Fans Messages Of Support - Collection of fans messages of support for Goran, sent to him before he underwent surgery on his shoulder.

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