Goran Ivanisevic Interview

Australian Open 2002 - 16 January
JEROME GOLMARD defeated GORAN IVANISEVIC, 6-3 7-6 5-7 6-4


Interviewers - black
Goran - sage.

Goran, what is your opinion of the match and what you do you think about your opponent?
I think the match was very good. He played great. I don't think he could play better. He didn't do any mistakes. He didn't give me any free points. I mean, I served good and return was, was coming. It doesn't matter where I served, he was hitting harder and harder, and I was always in the pressure, you know; second serve, he was returning that. But I think he played great match; he played better and all the credit to him, you know. He was really all the time he was really playing good tennis, and nothing to do, you know. I gave my best, I tried serve and volley, I stayed back. I do that. But nothing was working.

Sometimes he looks maybe awkward, and you think he's going to miss something and then the ball is still in?
I know it was going to be tough match. He's a great player but, you know, has problems before, you know. Sometimes he goes crazy, or he has problem with injuries. But he is a very talented player. He can come in, he can serve well, he can return well - very, very talented - and you think would hit a winner or something, and then he plays something unbelievable back. He's very, - great hands. I mean, he can be very dangerous. If he stays fit and clear in his mind, I think he can be very dangerous here.

Goran, any issue with the contact lenses, playing at night?
No, it's perfect. You know, now I can see fine at night. I don't know what I was doing for years. I think I lost a lot of matches because of that. Now it's very bright, like somebody turned on the light for me, you know, and I don't hit mis-hits. It is perfect. I see nice, and it's much nicer to play. I don't have any more problems to play at night, you know.

Goran, you got a bit of attention on your arm there early in the fourth set, was that the shoulder or - - -
Yeah, it's pretty stiff, but it's nothing to do with because I lost, you know. It's just stiff, and I got to loosen up.

Did you feel, when you took the third set, did you have a sort of a sense that you might be able to - were you feeling confident you could maybe take the fourth?
Yes, I felt confident. I felt confident all the time, you know, even when I lost first two sets. It's not that I did something wrong, you know. I just - he play too good, so I say, okay, now I stay in, maybe he's going to do one mistake; and the first is a mistake he did was 6-5, you know, and then I played two, one good return and that was it, and then broke him. And then maybe I played bad game at - I don't know when he broke me - 3-3 or was 2-2. On 3-3 I miss easy forehand, and then 3-4 made a double fault. That was the only two bad points. But it's tough when somebody is returning like that. It's always pressure on my second serve. If I come in he's going to hit winner and I have to hit little bit harder second serve, otherwise I'm gone, you know. But I play very good from the back, you know. I moved well, and I must say I'm very happy the way I played. But, you know, he was better today.

How disappointed are you?
Sure, I'm disappointed, you know. I don't like to lose. But I have fun, you know. If I have fun like this on the court, you know, I think crowd was happy, I was happy there, I gave my best, I fight, and I go proud out of here. Last year I lost first round qualies, you know. I was not fighting. This year I gave my best. I play on Centre Court was full crowd. You know, everybody was happy and, you know, I'm disappointed I lost but not the way I play. I'm playing good tennis and it's going to, you know, just, if I continue like this, having fun on the court and fighting it's going to be okay, everything .

Goran, how much or who little will you play over the next four or five months leading into Wimbledon?
Pardon? How much - - -

How many tournaments do you intend to play?
I'm going - I play Milan, and then we have a big match Davis Cup at home against Germany. And then play Rotterdam, Dubai, and they I go to States, and then it's clay court season. I'm going to play, you know. If I feel my arm is sore I'm going to stop, you know, because I concentrating on Wimbledon, you know, that Monday, one o'clock, when I stepping on that Centre Court, you know. I can't be not fit for that, you know. If I have to skip French or something else, you know. But I'm not going to, if I don't have to; but I have to be fit. If I feel that I'm going to be sore arm I'm going to stop for two or three weeks and then I continue; but if not, I keep playing and have fun.

Which Goran was playing night? The good Goran or the bad Goran?
Both. I think they enjoyed, both. They had fun, you know - full house; and the contact lenses, finally I can see, both can see well, you know - beautiful, you know, just nice to be there, I had fun. I lost the match but I had fun, you know. I can't really say for long time that I have fun. Even I lost, but I have fun, you know. I mean you give your best, I mean you do everything and then you feel good inside. But I lost. I lost again a better player today.

Goran, only four of the top 10 seeds are left, going into the third round. What do you make of that, as one of the victims?
It's go going to be interesting now. But the draw is still pretty strong, you know. You have Sampras, I think, Federer, Henman, Rusedski - you have so many good players still in the draw. But it's a Grand Slam, and the Grand Slam is always for somebody to come through you know, some upset, so I think it's going to be interesting again. Everybody plays tennis today. You can see Kafelnikov play a good who qualified. I never saw him before, and the guy doesn't miss, you know. Nobody miss, nobody is going to say, okay, beat me because you are Kalfelnikov, or Agassi, or somebody else, you know. Everybody is going to give hundred per cent, and if you can beat him beat him. But tennis is becoming better and better, and you can't have a bad day; otherwise you lose.

In your case you feel you are playing well and still - - -
A. Yes, in this case, even today I played a great match. But you know, then comes Golmard who is unbelievably talented player, and he beat me because he played better, and I can't say anything about that.

Do you feel you have ever played that well and lost before?
Yeah, I played, I played lot of times well and lost, you know, against some good player, against Pete, against some guys. That's possible, you know. But then, if you play like that, and you know that you gave best, you tried everything and you lose, you can't say anything. It's bad luck.

Goran, the arm injury, is that different to the shoulder injury?
It's all the same, getting when it's stiff here is getting down to elbow, and then my whole arm is getting tired, and is bothering me. But I'm used to that, taking pain killers, and massage, and surviving day by day.

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