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Goran Ivanisevic explained how he has an extra incentive to top the ace charts in 1999. "I will donate $50 to charity for every ace I serve. I hope I serve a lot of aces. Any waythat we can raise money is good. Anything that helps kids is nice," he said, after being unveiled as the Chairman of ATP Tour Charities at a press conference yesterday. The mighty Croat with the fiery temperament added that the charities could be in for an unexpected bonus as well: "Maybe I should give another $50 for every racquet I break!"

Goran 1999 ATP Tour Charities Chairman - 1999

Goran has been elected the ATP Tour's Charities Chairman for the new tennis season. 'Charity activity is a subject close to my heart since I have been involved in it from the beginning of the war in my country. Children in particular have my support, because they are always the innocent victims of war' he said. As Chairman, Goran will participate in on-site charity events and presentations as well as promote the ATP Tour charity program to players and media.

Goran will also donate $50,- to the Children in Need Foundation for every ace he will hit this tennis season. Last year, Goran ended up at the top of the Ace-Champions list, having served 1065 aces in 71 matches.