Goran Ivanisevic Interview

January 2001


Goran_Ivanisevic: Hello all!
Betty: What's your favorite city?
Goran_Ivanisevic: That's New York.
Sonic: Hello Goran, welcome! Is Davis Cup more important for you as a Grand Slam?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Winning a Grand Slam is more important, especially Wimbledon.
Blaschsn: Who do you think is the best player ever?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Pete Sampras and Boris Becker.
Betty_Boop: Do you have a girlfriend?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Yes I have! ;-)
Dunga: What's your favorite beer?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Stella Artois.
Beverly: Do you think of yourself as a sex symbol?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Of course! Haha...
princessil: Goran, what do you think of the new younger players?
Goran_Ivanisevic: It's good for the game and they are hard hitters.
Slovenac: Do you have an Internet homepage?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Not yet.
edhead7: How many years will you continue to play tennis?
Goran_Ivanisevic: At least two, but maybe even ten.
Goran4E: Goran, how are you playing lately?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Well, that depends on the racquets that have left...
Lyrae: What's your favorite tournament?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Wimbledon and Los Angeles.
Istella: Which kind of food do you like?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Sea food.
Simon_Templar: Who are your best friends on the circuit?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Rosset and Ljubicic.
Karnac: So do you listen to techno music with Rosset?
Goran_Ivanisevic: No way, I prefer Motorhead. "The Ace of Spades" is my favorite song.
Mr_ace: Goran, when are you going to win a tournament again?
Goran_Ivanisevic: This week! ;-)

Natural born racquet killer

Kim: What do you think to do after tennis?
Goran_Ivanisevic: I will start my film career.
Beverly: What languages do you speak?
Goran_Ivanisevic: English and Croatian and a little bit of German and Japanese.
Munuizeh: Are you going to play Wimbledon this year?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Of course!
Betty_Boop: Goran, why do you always lose against Boutter?
Goran_Ivanisevic: I want to help his career...
Egy: Aby ambitions to become a coach?
Goran_Ivanisevic: No, I prefer to become a golf teacher.
Balschsn: Do you like Porsches?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Yes, I've got eight Porsches!
G-13: Are you the best on grass?
Goran_Ivanisevic: No, that's Sampras.
Wout: Do you use the internet very often?
Goran_Ivanisevic: No, I prefer golf sites.
Eggy: Goran, have you ever been to anger management classes?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Haha... my racquet sponsor pays for that!
Kim: When did you start playing tennis?
Goran_Ivanisevic: At the age of seven. And I broke my first racquet at the age of seven, too...
Simon_Termplar: You seem to like that!
Goran_Ivanisevic: I'm a natural born racquet killer! ;-)
andrei_medvedev: So how many racquets have you broken in your career?
Goran_Ivanisevic: There were too many too remember.
Munizeh: Do you read your fan mail?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Sometimes when I'm bored and not playing golf.
Bubble: Goran, why don't you bring some more like six racquets on the court?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Haha, that's part of the anger management program...

18 holes at Pebble Beach

Betty_Boop: Where are you living?
Goran_Ivanisevic: In split Croatia, but I have a house in San Francisco, too.
Munizeh: Goran, are you still with Vedran?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Yes, forever!
Sternchen: How long?
Goran_Ivanisevic: For two and a half years now. She's from San Francisco.
Karnac: Do you like blueberries?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Only with waffles.
Sternchen: Are you shy?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Sometimes...
Munizeh: What's you favorite vacation spot?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Croatia.
Munizeh: Goran, do you prefer three or five sets?
Goran_Ivanisevic: That depends on the number of racquets I have left...
Carla: What's your favorite book?
Goran_Ivanisevic: The Bible.
Munizeh: Are you still superstitious?
Goran_Ivanisevic: All the time...
Karnac: Do you still have an exorcist?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Hahaha, yes I have...
IloveGoran: Can you give us some advice about becoming a professional player?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Don't play; switch to golf!
fenomeno: Goran, do you like children?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Yes, a lot!
Karnac: Do you sing karaoke?
Goran_Ivanisevic: I have tried once, and I will never try it again.
Karnac: Who's your favorite Spice Girl?
Goran_Ivanisevic: Mel C., but she's no Britney Spears.
Sonic: What was the hardest game of your career?
Goran_Ivanisevic: 18 holes at Pebble Beach.
Betty_Boop: What's your aim for this year?
Goran_Ivanisevic: To break another 200 racquets, haha...
Simon_Templar: A wise decision...
Goran_Ivanisevic: Bye, I have to go now! Thanks to you all, that was a great chat! CU!

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