Goran Ivanisevic Interview

French Open
25 May 1999


Interviewers - black
Goran - sage.

First three sets it seemed it was a good match. What did you think?
Yeah, it's the best match I ever play here in the French Open, and best match this year by far I play. I could win all three sets. Lot of breakpoints, I played shots I never played before, down the line. Very, very good tennis. Then in the end I was a little bit tired. I went too quick for the points. I wanted to hit too much. Too many errors. The conditions were a little bit slow. It was not easy. I missed a couple of easy shots, easy shots, but a couple centimeters. Breakpoints, a little bit unlucky. If I could win maybe a little more breakpoints, could be different match. But we both played great tennis. After all, this five months of struggling, finally I'm happy the way I play tennis. Today, this was tennis. The five months, I don't know what I was doing, but today I play tennis.

And concerning your concentration as well, it seems it was very good.
Yeah, everything was fine, really good. No, I save a lot of breakpoints with some very smart play. Was really good tennis for both of us. I mean, we both play good tennis. Bad luck that we played each other

Fourth set you were tired?
Yeah, my legs were a little bit slow. We had a lot of runnings. My best shot, forehand cross-court, is going to his best shot, forehand cross-court. I don't do too much damage. I have to hit it perfect. If he's lefty, I open the side. To him I don't hurt him too much, you know, I have to hit perfectly. We were running a lot.

What happened at the end of the match, you had a problem with a spectator?
It's okay. Just my problem (laughter).

What are you going to do now? Are you going to play on grass as soon as you can?
I'm still in doubles here. It's tough, you know. Last six, seven tournaments I won one round. Last year I also lost first round with a terrible match, then I play final of Wimbledon, then I forgot everything. It's tough. I have to get motivated. I have to continue practicing. It's not going to be easy, but I have to. I don't know, Wimbledon comes, you never know what can happen there.

But with that kind of match, it's got to give you some confidence?
This kind of match, yes, but finally I play tennis. This is what I supposed to play. When you lose like this, then is nothing to say. You know, you lost, you played everything. The guy was better today. Hopefully can give me a little confidence for Wimbledon. But Wimbledon is completely different game. Just mentally it can give me something.

What is going to be your schedule now?
I play Queen's and then Wimbledon

Do you feel a little sad that had you to play someone like Arazi today in the first round?
Yeah, it's a tough round. We play in Monte-Carlo, but that was terrible match for me. Today was, like I say, I play tennis today. We both play great match. I could win also in three sets. I had a lot of breakpoints. First time on breakpoints I try to do something, you know. I was not pushing the ball. I try to hit return, try to hit forehand couple of times. Went a little bit like two centimeters long, wide. That's bad luck. At least I hit it, you know. He played one or two good shots. It's not easy first round, but is tough, you know, first round to lose. I have one month to Wimbledon. It's not easy. It's not easy to get motivated now, but I have to.

You say for five months you didn't know what you were doing. I suppose I shouldn't ask, What were you doing? Was it confusion?
I mean, I play, but I didn't play. I was not there. Every little problem I maybe was giving mentally up. Last week finally I won one match. It was not there. I played two good tournaments, Qatar and Scottsdale, that was two good tournaments I played. Today I played really good tennis, finally after these five months. I finally put my mind together. That was bad luck I played Arazi first round.