Goran Ivanisevic Interview

Quaterfinal: Defeated Scott Draper, 6-4, 6-4


Interviewers - black
Goran - sage.

Was today unbelievable?
It was ok.

Considering how little you have done in the last few weeks, are you surprised at where you are now?
Yes, I think Iíve been very patient. This is my first tournament on clay after 5 weeks off. I wanted to do good and Iím doing better at every match.

You are the only top seeded player who is still in the tournament. Are you surprised at how things have been going this week?
Iím surprised about Thomas but not about Pete. I think Jim is a better player on clay. At the moment there is no favourite in tennis. Anybody can win on all surfaces.

When did you realize that Draper was a left-hander?
Two years ago.

What is the aspect of your game that you were more pleased with? Maybe your first set against Boris, and if so, why?
It was the second set, actually. However, I think I played well against Ruud too. I had played him last year in Australia and that was a tough match. In the second set against Boris I was very patient, served well and played a good tennis.

What about the end of the tie-break?
That was not bad too.

Do you think the 5 weeks spent at home are going to help you for the French Open?
Yes. Last year I had been playing too many tournaments and when I got to Wimbledon I was extremely tired and couldnít play my tennis. That was a pity because I had had a very good draw. Luckily I broke my finger and took a few weeks off. Now Iím fresh for playing next tournaments.

What did you do during that time? Did you practice or just rested?
I went to the gym, ran a little bit, but didnít play tennis for 20 days. I played and watched other sports. I wanted to play Hamburg but my doctor said I was not ready yet. Now, I think Iím ready to play again.

What other sports did you practice?
Soccer was the only sport I could practice. I also watched several other sport events which were taking place in Croatia

So you were staying in Spalato, not in Montecarlo

When was is the last time you stopped playing tennis for 20 consecutive days?
In 1993 or 94, when I broke my knee and underwent surgery. I didnít touch the racket for 8 weeks.

What do you think about Yugoslavian basketball players having the possibility to travel around Europe without restrictions from next 23rd May?
I donít care when they travel and where they travel to, provided they donít come to Croatia