Goran Ivanisevic Interview

McEnroe's help? Sure, why not!
By Mario Kuss - 1998


Interviewers - black
Goran - sage.

Health problems did their job. Instead of being today in St. Petersburg,Russia, Goran Ivaniaevic had to prolonge his Zagreb stayin 'cos of a hurt neck .And before hurt neck he was troubled with back pain...started in Doha, and continued in Melbourne. And then this with the neck. But that had also been taken care of now, with the help of Nebojaa Perunovic - Pancha. Nevertheless, with all my luck soon i'll pic some other injury as well... - ironiclly said Ivaniaevic.

Lets get back to Doha, the only tournament you played this year. Good performance, and then defeat vs. Schutller...

In the third set of that quaterfinal match I suffered from pain in my back, and till then i played solidly. And Schutller was in great shape, he had his week.

You withdraw from Australia, but surely have monitored the development of Aussie Open?
I think that the result in Australia is not unexpected. Both Kafelnikov and Enqvist are always at the top. They are great players, and can beat anybody. Semifinals of Haas and Lapentti? Grand Slam tournaments are always special motivation, and surprises are always possible. Except, i guess, in Wimbledon. Such miracles are rare in London.

Battle for No1 spot is closer and closer. Can Sampras for the record 7th time finish the season as THE number ONE?
Of Course he can. He didn't played Australia, he had a good rest and will enter the season in full streangth. But i think Kafelnikov has better chances. Aussie title is a good ground to built on.

Last year Australia's winner Petr Korda was hugely atacked on doping case. You are one of the bigest opponents of doping on Tour
These things had to be sanctioned. The bigest error was made by leadership of ATP Tour. Similar case in almost any other sport would mean automatic ban for a year or two! And here you get away with it... When two years ago one anonimus Spaniard (Jose Pepe Imazu) was caught he was imedietlly punished. Korda, probably only 'cos of his name, survived. But I am sure that the next in line will not.

In the new rankings you sliped for two places, and now are at 14 th. Loss of last year's Split's points could drag you even further downwards
That's true, bu the fact is that after that there is no points to defend untill Wimbledon. And there will be chances for climbing up. After Rotterdam i will play in London, and then there's American Tour, and then back to Europe. Umag? No we didn't make any arangments. Nothing.

Famous croatain fortune teller Vera Cudina has spoken for ▀Vecernji listă and announced your final conquest of one Grand Slam Tournmanet. She probably ment Wimbledon...
Everything is possible. In present situation, that seems far away to me, but there will be time for reaching form. Till Wimbledon i will be in shape.

For reaching that goal it might be helpfull to have those advises for volleys from John McEnroe, which he offered few months ago?
Ya, I got that message. Preposition is excellent and i except it. Every advise from such a great player is pretious. Maybe we indeed realize that cooperation...