Goran Ivanisevic Interview

Friday, 26th June 1998
G Ivanisevic bt A Medvedev 6-3 7-6(4) 4-6 6-0
Interview with G Ivanisevic


Interviewers - black
Goran - sage.

Do you know about the football result?
Yes, I know.

Will you comment on that?
No comment. Probably we wanted to play Romania, so that's why we...

Goran, do you feel like you're getting on a roll and that you could possibly win this?
If I play like this, then anything is possible. This is a very high quality tennis that I played already yesterday, we both played well, and today I continued to play great tennis. I didn't do anything wrong yesterday, when he broke me, just played good tennis. And today I came in unbelievable, 6-0, and I expect that -- the way I played, it's great, but just, you know, it's only two rounds, you know. I have to play five more rounds at least to do something, and it's only Friday. So tomorrow is another match, and first -- you have to past first week, that's my goal. Then it's much easier after, mentally for me.

When was the last time you felt this good?
The last time I felt this good, maybe '94 when I played the final here.

Do you usually handle the rain delays or the rain interruptions that well, because you came out in a hurry, 6-0, and finished, and it looked like a close match yesterday?
It was okay for me. You know, I watched Croatia playing and got a little pumped, you know

Did Croatia do any good?
Not really. They lost 1-0.

So you couldn't be pumped up after that?
Yes, I mean, in my way pumped up, I was sad a little. I mean, they were still losing. I watched only the first half, so I was hoping by the time I finished they might score, you know, but they didn't.

1994 is a long time for you to have felt this good. What keeps you motivated or, like, you know, why do you think you haven't felt that way?
I don't know, the last six months, you know, it's been my worst six months ever in my career, and that's passed. I say, okay, the first half of the year is gone, you cannot play worse than first half of the year. You can either play the same or you can play better. Now it's the second part of the year, Wimbledon came and I just felt like I should play, do something, and I'm doing it. You know, I'm happier to play, I have more fun on the court, and more fun practising. So I think I've passed that bad time. It doesn't mean that I'm going to do well here, but I just feel some way, this year is going to break through and I'm going to do some good. But maybe this is the time.

Do past defeats here stick with you at all?

Do some of the past defeats here stick with you?
Yesterday killed me. Yesterday during the rain delay they showed '92 final. Jesus! I think, man, and I punished myself, and I was watching whole last set, and I thought maybe I'm going to win yesterday, but I didn't, you know. Same result, you know. In fact, they just stopped the two double faults. But, in fact, that was good tennis. We both played good. But when you watch those matches, I was still nervous. I thought maybe I could do something different, but nothing.

Sometimes they call you "king of aces" or you could be "professor of serving". What do you think about the rule change in the let serve?
It can be good, good and bad, you know. You can have a let where it bounces pretty high on the break point and the guy can hit a winner return. It can be an advantage or disadvantage. I don't care. They always try to change something, but I know the way I serve, I know what I have to do and I'm doing it.

Do any of the Croatian football players come to your tennis matches?
Yes, the captain of the team was at the tournament in Milan, Boban. I was in a tournament in Milan and he was always coming to watch me then.