Goran Ivanisevic Interview

Interview with Goran Ivanisevic
Wimbledon 1999
Wednesday 30th June


Interviewers - black
Goran - sage.

Goran, how disappointed are you?
Very, because the play I play is not the best I play here. He play good tennis, but I didn't do anything to at least try to play. I was pretty slow and didn't return well. Every volley was like panicking when I try to hit it, so it's not good.

Was this due to a sort of psychological problem?
No, I just had a bad day and when you have a bad day it's bad luck. You have bad luck against Todd Martin because he's too good a player

Was your momentum in this Championship spoiled by the stoppages for rain?
No, I have to be prepared and I have not played for a couple of days. Like this, you can maybe win the first round and you play somebody good, but when you are in the 16, to play like this, there is no chance.

Do you feel your opportunities are slowly slipping away? You've had good opportunities and people said you had a good opportunity --
I played three rounds, but today that was not a question, you know. I played a bad tie-break. I did win one serve maybe in my tie-break, and still 7-3. I had the chances and one break point and after that, you know, I -- when he broke me I played a terrible game and missed two easy volleys, but I play good three rounds and today I play bad, and that's it.

Nobody has paid a whole lot of attention to Todd with people like Rafter and Sampras, but you've played him several times and at least three times here. Can you see him getting to the final of this tournament?
Yes, he was once in the semis and leading 5-0 in the fifth, so he played good tennis today. I didn't play good at all, but he played smart tennis, and I beat him last year in a very difficult, tough match and he can be in the final very easy.

Is that where you see the growth in his game, the intelligence with which he plays out there?
Yes, he serves and volleys and mixes and returns volleys. He is not the fastest player on the tour, but he is playing very smart tennis.

Will you be back next year and do you think you will have as much chance as ever?
I don't know, a chance. Every year I have a chance when I come here, so that's always the question. I just played a bad match today and that's it.