These are links I have gathered to Goran interviews from across the web. Only some of these interviews are stored on my server so if you are having problems listening to them please e-mail me and let me know as they may have been moved or removed from the sites they are linked to.

July 2001 - Goran Ivanisevic on his Wimbledon celebrations [Visual Interview]

July 2001 - Joy at last - Highlights of Goran's date with destiny [Visual News Item]

July 2001 - Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic [Visual Interview After Winning Wimbledon]

July 2001 - BBC Sport highlights of the men's singles final. [Visual News Item]

US Open - 29 August 2001 - 'Each ace, one pain killer' [Visual News Item]

US Open - 31 August 2001 - 'I just won Wimbledon. I could do there what I wanted. I even stripped' [Audio Interview]

US Open - 2 September 2001 - 'I was also not scared, but when I had my tattoo, what is my father going to say to me' [Audio Interview]

9 Decemeber 2001 - The Sports Personality Awards Before Receiving His Award [Visual Interview]

Australian Open - 14 January 2002 - Goran Interview After Winning Against Martin Damm [Visual Interview]

Australian Open - 16 January 2002 - Goran Interview Being Defeated By Jerome Golmard [Visual Interview]

Davis Cup - 8 February 2003 - Interview with Goran Ivanisevic [Audio Interview] NEW!!