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Full Version: Goran lost
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Goran lost today 6-2, 6-4. I am watching TMS event right now and Patrick McEnroe is one of the announcers. Anyway during the highlights of Goran’s match he said Goran was only serving at 70% speed and it was a sad sight to see and that the match was not even close. Well there is two ways to look at this, Goran kept the score somewhat close with only a 70% serve which is good, but if his shoulder is only about 70% will it ever be back? If he’s going to have a chance at Wimbledon then he’ll have to be 100%. Lets hope he can do it.


He lost but it's good to see him back :)
He needs some more match to be at 100% and even at 70% he can win Wimbledon :D
C U next week Goran!!!

Tango who drink Pan Pivo!!!
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