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Full Version: Goran Will Play Wimbledon
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Goran Ivanisevic insists he will play at Wimbledon this year come what may...
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Unfortunately, no one knows when Goran is coming to Vienna, nor anywhere else for that matter. It appears as though our favorite Croatian Sensation has dissapeared off the face of the earth (tennis wise). My countless searches online about Ivanisevic's whereabouts have yielded absolutely no results. My guess is he's frolicking or cruising on the shores of the lush Adriatic coast or perhaps discovering the wonders of being a dad. There was one article in the local Croatian paper stating he would participate in an exhibition match against the rejuvenized Thomas Muster sometime next year, but that's only speculation...a mere rumour. Looks like the "king of aces" is incogneto ......one can only ponder if Goran's storybook career has indeed come to and end :(
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