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Full Version: Goran to undergo surgery
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Former Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic requires surgery after he cut his heel on a seashell while walking barefoot on a Miami beach last month...read more -


Well that sucks but what sucks but what sucks even more then that is what was printed at the end...

"The 2001 Wimbledon champion, who underwent shoulder surgery almost 12 months ago, recently announced plans to make this year's Wimbledon his last tournament."

So I guess this is the end then. Well if it's true then lets just hope he can do some damage at Wimbledon, at least make the second week. I hope he does real well there and somehow gets healthy, but thats a lot of wishful thinking. Ok I guess that's it, talk to you all later.


no! that is just a f****** un-truth ...that was over-hyped by the $$$ "big story" media world!!! he never told that he will stop (for shure) after wimbledon ...that is just an option for the worst scenario ...if if & if (injury) ...then he would stop!
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