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Full Version: Nice Website
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Its a great web site you've got here :) Thanks
When's Goran playing next?

OK, think I'll go register here now, I left you a question in off court about registering is that OK or should I have posted it here?

...for your compliments.
Goran was playing yesterday/today - depends on your time zone against Yevgeny Kafelnikov and lost unfortuantly :(

I will check you post in off court.


So Goran lost again :(
They don't show tennis much on TV here so I rely on your site for the latest news...even if the news is a touch on the depressing side!
Yeah they don't show it much here either. Was considering buying a dish thing, but have little time to watch the standard 5 channels we get as it is so can't really see it being worth the money!


Indeed a great website :D

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