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Full Version: Goran vs. Clement
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Thanks for the update guys. A brave fight from Goran.
Tango, aren't you French?!


Yep, I'm French and I could have make the translations for u guys like

"IVANISEVIC SE BAT SUR TOUTES LES BALLES" = Goran fights on each balls.

But, my internet connection collapsed after the 1st set and I had to watch the rest of the game on teletext (yes I'm crazy...:D )

Come On Goran, it seems like he battled hard so I'm sure his work is going to pay!!!

Btw, who is the Goran fan from Slovenia??? I will probably work in Ljubljana in 2/3 months so Happy to see that there are Goran Fans there :)


That` s me i ll`register in no time my nick will be bORC so when you come to LJ we can meet for a coffe or beer.(every second Slovenian is fan of Goran, I`m big fan of all croatian tennis players)


Hi Borc, it will be nice to meet u in Ljubljana :) and drink some Union Pivo :D

I'm not sure that every Slovene support Goran, some tensions between Croatians and Slovenians (football and handball...) sometimes! ;)

Anyway, c u in Ljubljana (Metelkova, Daktari, Baileys Pub, RaggaMuffin Bar, Tramontana, carabinieros...or even Bachus! :cool: )



Yes that would be fine (I see you are no stranger in Ljubljana) :rolleyes:
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