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Full Version: Hi!
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I'm new here, just wanted to say hi, how ya all doing?

haha well thats about it actualy!

~Baby Blue Eyes~
<font color=teal>Sorry it took so long to respond.
Welcome to the board :)</font>


Thats ok, thanks.
Can someone tell me how to make a signature, like a words one. I'm not very good on computers :P
I'd like it like this
~Baby Blue Eyes~

Thanks in advance!
Go to user control panel
Edit Profile
Scroll down to Signature
Type in your
~Baby Blue Eyes~ code
Then click the submit modifications button

Give me a yell if you have problems. Feel free to test it out in the forum


Thanks, (hell yeah I'm back!) doesn't sound too difficult, I'll come bcak and have a look at it when I have more time!
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