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Full Version: Goran - Nadal - LIVE COVERAGE
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I am a reporter covering the Nasdaq 100 open. This being Ivanisevic's farewell, his press conference went over 1 hour. You will see that this is true in a few hours.


why dont yoi tell us why he retired? whats the reason, the injury?
and how do you have time to post on an goran non-oficial site just 1 hour after the press, is this so important to u - to tell us he retired but then again you dont tell us why...

makes to me little sens....

hope you r wrong....

go goran ....this isnt the way to retire!!!


no retirement ...just stoped the match !
shure that means that he will never again play @ key biscane

but who knows with goran!

go goran!!!


The reporter again - I am a goran fan too. He is officially retired - the press are busy writing their farewells.


ok, guys
this is just a joke...
he is coming back
Well I will wait to hear more, but at the moment I don't see anywhere him saying he has retired for good, but he has said - "I know that it's my last Key Biscayne for sure"


Unregistered Wrote:it should be something special and not at some master series on american soil & specialy @ some tournamet where he never had luck or special moments, ...

willm se him play @ wimbledon play with one arm & naked :)

LOL :) I agree with u, even if Miami is one of Goran's favourite tournament with Wimbledon ;)
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