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Full Version: If You Want My Body & You Think I'm Sexy...
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Vote for Goran as the most attractive man over at the Hello Magazine web site:

Hello again Baby Blue, I wondered where you'd been
He doesn't have much competition does he, though Chris Isaak is pretty yummy and he's got a great voice to boot;)

One question - did you get this news from goran-ivanisevic.net?
If so please credit it.


No, why?:confused:
I don't visit there.
just call me a loser but I love the Hello website :D (oh yeah and the mag;))
OK, no problem :)
Seems to be over now, he has won for December 11, surprised?! Not us :D


When I post links on Goran sites ppl can just feel free to take 'em without bothering with credit. As far as I'm concerned it's share and share alike :)

And with the Hello thing the more ppl that see the link the better. Hopefully when Hello see how popular he is they'll do more articles on him!
Sure, OK thanx Eve.
Update on the voting - he seems to have made it into the monthly vote now:


He is way way behind at the moment
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