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Full Version: French Open
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Guessing Goran wont go to the French Open - wud be a bit silly as the rallys will be so long and it will wreck his arm. What do you guys think? Have you heard anything?



Rachel, sorry I can't answer to ure question as i don't know what is "rallys" and "wreck" :o

I don't know if Goran will play at French Open, at the beguining he had W-C but he's not in the draw for singles...maybe for doubles? :confused:

I hope I can see Goran, I go on tuesday at the French Open, my croatian flag is ready to take place in the stadium :cool:


He withdrew from RG a few days ago...

Tango "rallys" pour des rallies du fond de court, "wreck" pour bousiller son épaule.


Ok, Merci pour le vocabulaire :)
Just added a little news story about this - [url=http://"http://www.goranonline.com/news/gi_news.html#22.05.04]http://www.goranonline.com/news/gi_news.html#22.05.04[/url]



Goran said:
\"I have been thinking a lot about Roland Garros and in the end accepted the truth that there is no real reason for me to go to Paris.\"
No real reason? ...and to have a beer with me...Mr Pivo? :cool:

hehe :)

So whats everyones thoughts on the French Open...who do you think will win?


I see Ferrero is injured. I guess Roddick, Costa or Corria will win. if of course Federer doesnt pull out some clay magic..
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