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Full Version: Ivanisevic announces wedding plans
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Goran Ivanisevic has revealed his plans to get married.
He made the announcement that he will marry model girlfriend Tatjana Dragovic after starting his national service.

The Wimbledon champion donned his Croatian national uniform and took the oath after completing his basic training.
"Yes, I am going to be married," Ivanisevic said after the parade which marks the start of his six months' national service.

His girlfriend was at the parade at the Borongaj army barracks in Zagreb, with Ivanisevic's father Srdjan Ivanisevic.
Officers asked journalists to leave when a group of women army officers wanted to take photos together with the country's most famous new soldier.

"I am doing well in the army. Having no problems with tennis practice either. They let me go whenever I need," said Ivanisevic.
But he added: "To be honest, though, I am better in taking a Kalashnikov to pieces than putting it together again."

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