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Full Version: Goran vs Youzhny
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6/3 - 6/3 - 3/0 for Federer right now! It means that Goran's match will start in about 30 minutes :)

Let's all cross our fingers, start to drink some beers and all support Goran during this match!!!!



Federer won, place on centre court for GORAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
its raining now


raining??? big rain??? (because it's always raining in england so maybe they can play!!!)
they covered the courts, but they have just taken the covers off again


3-0 now, in only 7 minutes... seems an easy game!! gogogo




Too bad they are not showing the match on TV here in the US... have to follow it on the wimbledon radio on the web...

Its on the tv here, so great seeing Goran on centre court again!


Damn rain delay, and they're not showing Goran here in Canada either. Have to listen to the radio. Better than nothing!!

But Goran is doing good!!!! I knew he would!! :D
ah I'm so impatient, I want the rain to stop....;)
should be back in ten minutes :D :D


it's really funny to see both players kissing the net when they have won a point with the help of the net...

go on!! goran!!


They just televised on espn the whole part of the 2nd set... highlights of the 1st also. I believe they're going to show live coverage of the remainder of the match once the rain stops.

From the looks of things, he looks great. Moving well, hitting the ball hard, volleying from the baseline ok... whats most impressive is the accuracy n speed of his serve. I havent seen any of his matches on TV till today... I was thinking his top serve speed would be around 120mph or so... I keep seeing him nail up to 135 or so on 1st serve... his 2nd serve speed is in the mid-120's... so far, he's looking sharp. I definitely see him advancing to the 3rd-4th round.
Back on court!!!! :)


yes, it's going to resume...

so nervous about that!!!!!!!!!!!

Youzhny seems a funny guy, his second serve is so weak like a woman that only below 100mph... but he can fire many aces too...

let's see, goran will win this set in tie break easily~
[Image: 395.jpg]


2ND SET FOR GORAN!!!!!!!!!

7-4 in the tie-break!!!!!!! GO GO GO GO GO GORAN!!!!!!!!

82% of 1st serve for Goran in this 2nd set :cool:


he won a point by the net in tie break again. then he talk to the sky and thx god.

but after this, he has a double fault on the net...

he always entertains us!! i really miss him... always...

2-0 now... great chance to proceed to 2nd round


it's quite surprise to me that goran has such a good form.
his serves is good today!!

maybe the net still remember this old friend and give him a lot of support today too!!
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