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HE IS the lovably eccentric outsider whose dark good looks captured a million hearts when he stormed to victory at Wimbledon.

But today we have bad news for the army of female fans who admired heartthrob Croatian Goran Ivanisevic for more than his tennis skills.

The Centre Court champ is to marry his fiancee, model Tatjana Dragovic.

The news emerged as Goran, 30, and Tatjana attended a parade in which the multi-millionaire tennis hero paraded in his new guise as the most famous new recruit to the Croatian army.

As he took the national oath of allegiance after two weeks of basic training Goran announced: "Yes, I am going to be married".

The romantic declaration unfolded as Hare Krishna follower Tatjana, 21, stood proudly with Goran's father Srdjan watching their boy take part in a half-hour military parade. The uniformed spectacle took place at the Borongaj army barracks in Zagreb - where Goran is fulfilling his compulsory six months National Service.

But just like Elvis Presley and his army spell in the early 60s, Goran will be no ordinary GI Joe.

He is being allowed to spend time on his luxury yacht and return home to his exclusive apartment every night.

And while he is there at the crack of dawn square bashing with the rest of them - as well as joining his fellow recruits for the less-than-fantastic food - by 11am he is on the practice court.

Goran said: "I am doing well in the army and am having no problems with tennis practice, either. They let me go whenever I need to."

Goran added that he is "having no troubles shooting rifles and guns. To be honest, though, I am better at taking a Kalashnikov to pieces than putting it together again."

He was giving no clue as to when the wedding might be, although his dad said: "It's time he settled down."

After he overcame all the odds this year to beat Pat Rafter and stormed to the championship, Goran danced the night away in an evening of celebrations.

Ironically Tatjana, wasn't there and he was controversially photographed boogying on down with Slavica Ecclestone, wife of Formula One boss Bernie.

But clearly it was always Tatjana that Goran loved.

Game, set and love match.



Well, I guess he's broke a million hearts now he's officially getting married!!! Still I for one still love the guy to death, and I think congratulations should be bequeathed on Goran and Tatjana!!!

Anyway, keep up the good work on the site...thanks for the translation of Merry Christmas... I'll be posting a message on his official site shortly.

Hope all of you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year, and here's to another great year of tennis success for the lovely Goran!!!

Bye for now,

Sue (Gorangirl)
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