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Full Version: Site Updates - 25.06.04
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New article -
Goran Wins Five Set Thriller, 24 June 2004.
The great romance between Wimbledon and Goran Ivanisevic continued at high intensity on No.2 Court today, as the 2001 champion gained a third round place after an enthralling five set battle with the Italian Filippo Volandri... [url=http://"http://www.goranonline.com/articles/gi_wimb-05-04.html]http://www.goranonline.com/articles/gi_wimb-05-04.html[/url]

Added a new interview - 24 June 2004

"And I am here again after three years, and this is for me victory, I think, even these two matches and to come back on the Centre Court again, to be able to play Wimbledon, this is for me like winning Wimbledon."...

Gallery 9 has more new pictures ;)

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