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Full Version: GORAN - THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!! (A tribute)
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I'm 20 years old now and I remember seeing you play for the first time in the 92 Wimbledon final. You introduced the big serve into the modern game. I loved your style of play and it's because of you I play tennis today. As the years went by I realized it wasn't just your tennis that amazed me. It was your character and mannerisms on court, you interviews, your patriotism, and your charity work. For 12 years I have watched you go through the highs and lows and that magical day in July was one of the most emotional days of my life. My only regret in life is that I only ever saw you play on tv. I hope maybe one day our paths will cross and I will be able to come up to you and shake your hand.

Thank you for giving me so much. I hope one day I will be able to accomplish a fraction of what you have. I have no doubt life after tennis for you will be equally successful.

God bless you.



I can't believe that Wimbledon will never be graced by you again. I have supported you for over 12 years and have made the Wimbeldon fortnight a joy to watch-while at times unbearable -watching you from behind my hands.

I cried yesterday as you took your final bow to the centre court, you will leave a unreplacable void in the tennis world!!!

Good luck in all you do-Wimbledon won't be the same without you.




Well what can I say that hasn't already been said? Tennis has lost one of its greatest characters with your retirement, there will be a gaping hole in the tennis world without those three Gorans. For so many years now I've shouted myself hoarse at your matches - many many Wimbledons; from smashing rackets at Brighton to the first round of Rome this year to the dizzy heights of Wimbledon final 2001, since then I've watched the tape of that match many times and sobbed every time! So we had no hesitation in queuing all night to see your last match on Centre Court yesterday for a last glimpse of our hero. By the end there wasn't a dry eye in the place and I only hope you realise just how much your fans love you and appreciate you for the great champion you are, definitely the most deserving wimbledon champion for all the joy you have brought us.

So sad and yet so happy that you had gone out in style, off to the next chapter of your life. Then to meet you at the airport this morning was just so wonderful, if truth be told I had to hide in my office for a while to have a little cry.

A wonderful personality, fantastic tennis and a huge heart - you will be sadly missed Goran.

Good luck in your retirement, you've earned it.

lots of love

Cathy (the passport control lady)


hi goran,

You were everything we need to be. You wore your passion on your sleeve. Thank you for those wonderful moments. Tennis isn't a boring slugfest after all.

I'd celebrate your glorious exit. You lost to a Wimbledon champion after all! Didn't go out to those minnows on court.

Have a nice time outta court Goran!



Goran apart from being a great player you are a great human being and a true entertainer. I have great memories of you for the past ten years I have been following you. Your Wimbledon win in 2001 was the most inspiring moment in my life. I'll miss you, your tennis, your reactions on court, your talk. You said that tennis would get another goran in 10 years, I don't thik that will be possible in a 1000 years.



You've been an inspiration for me since I first saw you play when I was 5 years old. I"m only 19 now, and I've been your biggest fan since, and supported you in the best and worst of times. You've brought me to tears and I've suffered every loss with you, and celebrated every win as well. You truly are a champion. You're Wimbledon win was the biggest story in sports I've ever witnessed, and made me realize no matter how bad things may seem, all you have to do is dig deep and believe. Thanks for all the great memories and proving to everyone what I'd been saying all along; Goran is a true champion.
Joe Popielarczyk


First, let me tell you that you're the only serve-and-volley player I like. I normally find players with that style boring, but hey, you've got so much attributes that made me idolize you. Your charm, looks, humor and several other traits always made us fans look forward to seeing you play.

Your serve is very much pleasing to watch. I don't usually like players getting points through aces but the way you do your service, the curve, stuff like that, is really sensational. Too bad I'm not left-handed though.

Even if Sampras and Agassi have more titles, I still think you're the best. During the era of the three of you, you were very much an equal of those two; even better I think. Despite your outbursts that cost you matches, having to lose to people who just get eliminated in the next round, I never gave up on you. I saw that you've got what it takes to be among the best tennis players in the world.

What saddened me the most is to see you bid farewell to professional tennis. I pretty much believe that you are a year or two early to do such thing. I even listened to your interview that you need not face hectic hours of practice, but I can see that you're beginning to go back on top form. Please do not feel bad when you lost to Hewitt. He's on tip-top shape and it's not shameful for you to get defeated by him.

Give it one more year at least. Agassi won another Grand Slam during his 30s, and I really believe you can do the same. Go disprove the claim that you're just some one-shot fluke who won Wimbledon in 2001 and went back to your old style. We know, and you know that you're not lucky in winning there.

Come to think of it, there is less than 1% chance of fatality in tennis, so I think there's virtually no risk in giving it another try. Please play in the US Open and other major tournaments this year, and even if you don't win, you can be assured that you can do so again soon.

WE ALL WANT YOU BACK IN 2005 WIMBLEDON!!! But if you really think you should quit already, we, your fans, respect that decision. I know you have a wife and daughter already, but I believe they also want to see their loved one win once more. Make them proud, for it's an honor for them to have you as a family member.

Lastly, let me tell you that ever since I've known and idolize you, I've never stopped believing in you. And fortunately, I was right in what I did. You made me very happy by winning Wimbledon once and for all. I really wish the best for you in the years to come, and I hope you find it, whether or not it's in the tennis world. See you (hopefully on court again) :)

an avid fan from the Philippines



i'll miss you! thanks for all the memories. wish you the best of luck!

sydney, australia



H V A L A za sve

Toronto Canada



These messages are a real testimony of how you have touched people's lives throughout your career. I remember first watching you back in 1992, and watching that wimbledon final against Agassi. That was 12 years ago. Watching and supporting you has been really about the only constant thing in my life during that time, and its strange to think that its now ended. The 2001 Wimbledon Final will be a memory I will treasure forever. I really hope you can appreciate just how much it meant to other people.

But now its time for another era. I just hope that you can enjoy what you decide to do.

God bless to you and your family,

love Rachel


Tennis will never be the same again without your boundless energy, enthusiasm, and pure love for the game. You've allowed all of us to share your gift, your passion, your heart and your incredible personality. You will be sorely missed but know that to us, your fans, you are and always will be the most memorable Champion. Wherever life takes you from here may you achieve the love and passion that you always had for the game. I wish you and your family a life of happiness and joy always.
Good Luck!!!!


Tennis will never be the same again without your boundless energy, enthusiasm, and pure love for the game. You've allowed all of us to share your gift, your passion, your heart and your incredible personality. You will be sorely missed but know that to us, your fans, you are and always will be the most memorable Champion. Wherever life takes you from here may you achieve the love and passion that you always had for the game. I wish you and your family a life of happiness and joy always.
Good Luck!!!!


My whole family's Croatian, and they'd always talk about you. The farthest back I remember was the 1998 final when you lost to Sampras! I had a magazine with you on the cover, and when I visited Croatia 1999 I carried it around all over the place. You're the best man. I'm disappointed I'm not older so I could have seen you play while growing up. I was born the year you turned pro! 1988! I remember when you won Wimbledon in 2001. I was in my uncle's house in teh little selo of 'Mirosi' right above Cirkvenica on this little black and white TV. as soon as you won, I went running around screaming 'GORAAAN! GORAAAN! ON JE POBJEDIO! YEAAA!!' It was the greatest feeling ever. Then you disappeared for about two years because of your shoulder. When I heard something about you comming back, I got too excited. I followed up on every report and everything. You should have seen me when you were playing Volandri, I was going nuts! Listening to radio wimbledon like that. Haha, well, enough about what I did, this is about you. For the few years I've seen you play, you've made a difference in my life. You made me and many other fellow Croatians feel good about their country. I really doubt you're going to read this, but if you ever do, now that you're retired, I'd like you to send me an email and maybe we could talk. "tb005@juno.com" To everyone else reading this, you probably think I'm crazy for thinking Goran's going to email me, but hey! anything could happen. He came out of no where winning wimbledon, right? haha. Well man, we seriously all love you and respect what you've done in the world of tennis. There isn't and hasn't been anyone like you ever before, you're the best. You've had an excellent career, and I hope you enjoy you retirement!

Check out this tribute/shrine thing I made when you beat volandri! I found our old flag, and took my football jersey off!

[Image: gorantrib.jpg]
By the way, if you can't tell, that says 'GORAN'!!

We love you!


You are a hero for me. And that is right from now on.
Thank you everything.
I love you forever!

Best wishes fou you and your family.



Thank you


Goran...the Croatian-Cruiser, Charismatic and cool, tremendous the thrill just seeing you...and then you play with all your heart...and that melts our hearts. We needed you...the good the bad and the emergency Goran. (and the hundreds more Gorans we could only dream of, that you keep secret) Its almost too much for you, but would be waaaayyy too much for us. Thank you for bringing yourself to the world through hard work and heart. You left me with a love that will always remember your brave soul. Bon voyage and blessings to you on your next pathway. LOVE...


You are my hero. And I can't believe that you are gone.
I will never forget your 2001 Winbledon win,
and all of your plays, performances.
You gave us lots of fantastic feelings.

Take care of your shoulder, and best wishes for your future !
Thank you "Thunder server", Good Luck !

from Tokyo, Japan


Dear Goran
You have shown us that the tennis is not only a sport, without emotions and for money. You've given it a color, life and a more human shape. You've shown us that it is played by ordinary humans with emotions and that's why you are among the greatest ever! Above all, you've made it MORE INTERESTING!!! Thanks for all your matches, ACES, broken rackets, loughs and tears!
P.S. I especially admire your involvment in charity. LONG LIVE MAN!

Goran, Slav. Brod


He was undoubtedly one of the most spectacular players in the history of professional tennis. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/8400674/ check this out, it is my tribute to Goran.



Thanks for all the good moments!! I wish you all the best in your carrier after tennis!! The best day of my life was when you won Wimbledon in 2001!!! Greetings Peter Bijvoet Junior, The Netherlands
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