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Full Version: GORAN - THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!! (A tribute)
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Gorane nadan se da ces jednog dana procitati sve postove na HP.
I htia san reci puno hvala za sve.
Puno hvala za odluku odigrati utakmicu bez ikakve nacije i zastave u australiji.
Puno hvala sto si nam pronia hr zastavu na olympiadi kao prvi hr sportas.
Za mene si naj veca legenda hrvatskoga sporta. Bez VAS se za NAS nebi znalo.
Covijek sa velikom srcom prema svom narodu i svojoj drzavi i nadan se najvise prema svojoj obitleji!!!

Zivia mi... i ljep suncanin pozdrav iz Brela...

Bog i Hrvati



Tenis nece biti isti bez tebe , velika ti hvala sto si bio tako jednostavan , sto si mi bio idol u zadnjih 16 godina ... Nikada te necemo zaboraviti !!!!


Hvala za sve!! Hvala za sve momente di smo mi mogli biti stebon...

Hvala ti za Wimbeldon i sta si nam dan u splito uvelicao...

Cuvaj se i nedaj se...

Zivljela lipa nasa...



Being an Australian born Croatian, it was such a sad yet joyous occasion for me...Gorans final game at the elite level.

I cried, my mother cried...the way he embraced Hewitt over the net after the game gives an insight into the man that is Goran Ivanisevic...Man of the People.

That he played tennis didnt' matter, that the world knew Goran as one of it's finest sporting ambasadors is how he will go down in history!

The only reason I had to be joyous was that he was beaten by Hewitt...the way that guy plays, I'd swear he's half Croat. I wonder what nationality the milkman was in his area...



Zelkjo Vlavovich
Australia c.o Hrvatska


Goran, you have wirtten tennis-history! Not only with your latest success in Wimbledon but with your whole career!
You were one of zhe most important reason to start playing tennis!

Thank you for making us suffer in front of TV. Thank you for make us happy!

Thank you very much for all the years!




Thanks for all the fantastic tennis memories, especially at Wimbledon which will now be less unmissable because you're not in it. Please come back when you're old enough for the Senior Tour, tennis won't be the same without you.

Very best wishes for you and your family.



hi goran,
this message is for u , to thank u for all the tears , happiness, xcitement, worries that all ur fans had shared with u. U have been a very wonderful person anda very different lawn tennis player that the tennis world has ever gifted its supporters.
all i can say like others i also love u , i'll love u always & will miss u too from heart.life would never be the same neither for u nor for me.Due to my busy schedule i couldn't watch , since i'm away from home .but i get the latest updates from my frnds.my biggest disappointment that i couldn't saw ur last match.
what can i say, get married, have a very happy family lie, love for amber.love u & can never forget u,for u r the best man in my life.
gayatri sarkar


hi Goran,

I have been ur fan from the time u appeared on the TV sets some 12-13 yrs ago at wimbledon....Its been wonderful to watch u, follow u and pray for u for so many years....U have a very special gift GORAN...Not just the Tennis but ur Attitude and Charm....No one can replace u for sure and its with a heavy heart that i bid u farewell.....

Keep playing for Croatia ... Wherever...

Wishing u luck for rest of ur life....



Thanks for all Tennismatches!
I can´t say anything....he was the best player on world.
Best luck for the future!


It would be an absolute travesty if Goran didn't read this thread for himself, i had no idea how many loyal fans like myself there were, and ones that didn't just join the bandwagon in 2001 like a lot of people did.

Anyway, you went out in style and in grace 10/10 for Hewitt who showed us what a great man he is by showing Goran the respect he so rightfully deserved, and just for that i hope Hewitt goes on to win Wimbledon.

I began supporting Goran in 92 after he lost Agassi, to be honest the only Tennis i watch each year is Queens and Wimbledon, and after 92, i watched it purely for Goran! People forget that he was quite a moody sod back then, but i loved it, he was sort of an anti-hero, a meaner darker version of McEnroe, McEnroe's tantrums were sort of put-on's, but Goran's violents conversations with himself and continuous breaking of rackets, wasn't appreciated by all at the time, but i loved it, when in 93 he faced british prospect Chris Bailey, and faced the partisan crowd, i seem to remember Goran getting booed during the game for his tantrums, but he eventually scraped away with the match. Thr Truth was in them days the only british hope to support was the lacklustre Jeremy Bates, who if he made the 4th round, it was a cause for National celebration, so with no real brit to support, i supported this moody unpopular croat from then on in, and then he went on to make two more appearences in the final, after the 94, the tide was beginning to turn as he began to mature as a player, he began exhibiting his wild and wooly personality, only one occasion did he really take a back step, which was when he lost to Magnus Norman in 97, i thought that may be the end of Goran, but then he comes back in 98 to go all the way to final, and Sampras came away with that with the skin of his teeth, Goran was totally a tennis god by now, but unfortunatly he slipped down the rankings, when Todd Martin knocked him out in 99, i was pretty sure that was it for Goran, time for me to look for someone else to suport, but then in 2001, he is granted the wildcard for Wimbledon, i thought it would we good to see him in perhaps one or two matches, but he then proceeded to put together the finest run of victories i have ever seen, apart from his first round opponent Jonsson, all of the opponent were decent players, defeating Moya was impressive, Brit Rusedski in straight sets was awesome, Future World NO.1 Roddick was clinical, Safin was superb, British Icon Henman was oustanding and then in what is easily EASILY the finest exhibition of Tennis ever seen, his match against Rafter was Magnificent, Rafter was probably the more all-rounded player, Rafter had no troubles with injuries, and had had a day's rest. But goran was not to be denied, and in a blaze of glory, he finally FINALLY gets that Wimbledon title that had eluded him, for him to have retired without that one moment of glory would have been an injustice of the highest order. Never has centre court been so alive, i reckon even if Henman won it would never be as great as that, it was truly a spectacle, one that i shall never forget

I will never forget his passion, his guts, his style, his flamboyance and zany behaviour, made me actually go against my own country to support him, whatta player, whatta guy

I would love to see him in the commentary box at wimbledon in future years.


What will tennis be without you??

On friday tennis lost his greatest character....and though you yourself said that all generations will have their own goran we all know...you will be difficult to replace...you are unique...no one will ever reach the sentimental touch you gave to the crowd!!

i´m dead sad that during the last 16years i never saw you playing...

but hopefully i´ll see you one day on senior tour!


Hi Goran,

I remember first watching you back in 1992, and watching that wimbledon final against Agassi.
I was only 8 years old that time, from that time. You have been my first favourite tennis player and the reason I became a tennis freak! I can't think of any other player to support. I always stopped watching any tournament after you knocked out whether its 1st round or semi final or final,
Coz tennis without U is nothing to me. Thats why I even didn't watch wimbledon 2002/03 as like b4 i'm not watching Wimbledon this year anymore. Ur service, Ur forehand, uR smile...
I don't know how i'll ever watch any tennis match without those, without U. while reading all the posts ppl posted here for u and while typing this messages to u .. I'm just crying... My bad luck I even couldn't watch the very last match of urs, I cried that night as I couldn't watch it.

As, I'm in Bangladesh, where not much ppl play Tennis, and here I can't expect to see u .. still if U can come here someday of ur life, U'll find some of the finest fans of urs including me. To me u r the Tennis Loard, You are the Legend!! Hope someday, you'll read our messages here and also share ur tears of happiness by knowing how much we love U. Love U Goran.

3 words for you,

Goran Ivanisevic - The Living Legend

*- KiShOrE
Dhaka, Bangladesh


Goran - it won't be the same with out you!

The rollercoaster ride of emotions - the tears, the tantrums, and eventually the joy.

Please come back in some capacity!


well goran, not only does tennis lose you, but your fans will miss you; especially us ladies. fantastic and exciting tennis, not to mention your moody good looks, irrestible charm and great sense of humour. you just thrilled me, what a pleasure to see you on court every time. miss ya babe.


How do we watch tennis now? Who do we admire now? With you being gone everything changes. No heroes, no idols, just tennis players. And that unbelivable Wim 2001! I watched it over and over again. I cryed.
Thank you Goran! Thank you for ever!



Unregistered Wrote:I love you, Goran!!!

I am so sad you've gone - you are truly the best tennis player to me - the most exciting, the most amusing, the most stylish and most adorable!  

Please come back to Wimbledon! It's your tournament! Whenever you step on to Centre Court the crowds go wild - you are everybody's darling. It would be brilliant if you came back - you've got it in you, I know!

It was fantastic when you put your Croatia shirt on after the match - and I love what you said about Pete Sampras - the only way you'd be number 1 that year would be if you shot him! That was so funny!

Please come back, just one more year! It would make the tournament.

All the best, Goran, and thanks for all the years of brilliant tennis,
Love and best wishes,


I had the pleasure of watching Goran this year for the first time, since watching him play since 1990!

I saw him at queens, where he came up to me and and asked me to take a picture during his first round doubles match!(that was worth getting up so early and queueing for the tickets)

Then I also saw him play an exhibition match and managed to wish him luck for Wimbledon!
U will be missed me and millions around the world(there isn't a part of the world that doesnt have a Goran fan)

Thanks for everything, like everyone else I cried when you lost and cried when you won, tennis is going to be dull without u!



Goran - I've followed you ever since I was an eight year old. Now at 24, I want to say thanks, for some fantastic memories, and for one of the happiest days of my life, back in 2001.

You made our hearts sing.

Christopher (UK).


We will never forget you! THANK YOU for all the unbelievable memories you provided over the past 15 years. THANK YOU for everything you did for this sport.
My best wishes,
George, Romania


You've been brilliant to watch, Mr. Ivanisevic. We will miss you.

And there really is no one else in the world who plays every tennis match against five opponents instead of one.

A fan
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