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Full Version: Goran and Amber
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There are more pictures of Goran and Amber in Gallery 9, thanks to Susan for highlighting them.


Cute girl... and handsome father ;-)

Thanks for the pic.


This Question is to Lousie (moderator/admin) of this forum or anyone who knows the answer. I remember when Goran won the wimbledon in 2001, he dedicated the trophy to his deceased friend (if I am not wrong) who died in an accident. Who was this friend? Why was Goran so much attached to him? I think this is the first time in the sports history someone has dedicated his highest achievement to a friend. Only Goran can do that....the great Goran. Because to me friendship is the most wonderful relationship in one's life.
please could anyone focus on this? let me know if I am wrong.

You talked about your basketball friend on court.
It was my good friend. He died '93. Then I said, I went to his funeral just before Wimbledon, I say I going to dedicate that Wimbledon to him, you know. Then, unfortunately, I played pretty badly. I lost third round.
Sunday before the tournament, my father brought me some newspapers. And in one newspaper was his poster in the middle, like to remember him, you know, eight years ago when he died. So I ripped it off and I put it on the wall. I said, "This must be destiny. This is it." I never read this kind of newspaper. It just was there, him. I put it on the wall, and everything was going smoothly, and I won it.
I want to dedicate that victory to him, you know. It was really nice


Ivanisevic dedicated his win to Alexander Petrovic, a basketball coach who was killed in a car crash in 1993. His brother, Drazin Petrovic, said he cried for two hours when he heard the dedication: “I could not speak when I heard his words, I just cried and cried. I cannot thank him enough.”



Goran dedicated his victory to Drazen Petrovic, Croatian basketplayer how died in an accident, I think, 1993. He was the best player of his generation, he died very jung. Goran was his close friend. Drazen is loved in Croatia in the same way like Goran. He was a great man. And like Goran his hole life was basketball.


Goran is a great man-as we all saw he is incredible friend,wonderful father,great tennis player...
We love you so much!I miss you...
Be happy with Amber and your family...You deserve it!


Yes, it's Drazen Petrovic who died, his brother Aleksander is stil alive. And not only he was the best basketball player of his generation, he is considered as the best European basketball player of all time. He was just about to really start his career in NBA. After he died people we're saying and they still are (those who are old enough to remember) that basketball will never be the same without him, he was just so oversuperb. Pretty much the same story as the one with Goran. People all arround the Europe were crying.
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