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Hi Radda
Just have to tell you that the Goran website is terrific....and I did'nt even know about it until this week!!! In fact I discovered it by accident! Do you intend to keep it going even though Goran has retired? I do hope so as it's so nice to be in touch with everyone, and read so much about Goran. I've supported him since first seeing him in 1990, and have been with him all the way thru his losses and victories...and what a victory the 2001 final was for him! I was in pieces after his last match against Hewitt, and my friend Rose was too...in fact she was in a worse state than me!
Amber Maria is gorgeous, and has Gorans eyes!
Bye for now. Penny.
Hi Penny,

Thanks for the lovely compliments about the site :)
There is no plan to close the site, it will still be here, Goran is entering an interesting new stage of his life, and we will still be here to show him our support :)
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