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Full Version: Private Ivanisevic No Marksman
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Owning one of the most lethal serves in tennis history, Goran Ivanisevic is pretty good at firing aces. But firing a rifle is another matter altogether. Ivanisevic spent nine days training with the Croatian army late last year, but returned less than impressive results on the target range.

"It was different holding a gun, and I was thinking that hopefully I wouldn't have to use it," the Wimbledon champion said. "I'm not that good...you have dismantle it in 40 seconds and put it back together in 60 seconds...I was terrible. I could undo it in 40 seconds but (assembling it) in 60 seconds, no way. I was thinking if I was in a war, I would be dead in two seconds.

"Altogether I was seven days in Split and two days in Zagreb. It was fun, an honor for me to be there. Just tough to wake up that early, but you get used to everything. You do some exercise, you go to shoot, you learn. You have to be there four or five hours, then they let me do my things. I was not allowed to leave the country. There were like 500 people doing it.

"It (the army) helps your discipline. Everything has to be clean. You have to come on time. You have to stay there. (On the circuit), you get used to all these nice hotels. The maid makes your bed. The maid cleans everything. (In the army), you have to do everything by yourself. You have to wait in a line for breakfast with hundreds of other people."
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