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Full Version: Site Updates - 2 December 2005!!!
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I have finally managed to find time to update the site!!! :clap:

Among things - the news page has been updated with the recent news and results (if you see anything missing from the page be sure to let me know)

There has been a new article added, link on the main page.

And gallery ten has been opened!!!

You can read more details about the updates on the site news page - http://www.goranonline.com/gi_sitenews.html

As always if you spot any errors (like pictures not showing up, links not working) or mistakes (wrong information) give me a yell!

Take care all! :)


Radda, u are Radda'sister? ;-)


I said Radda!



Ok, it's weird ;-) maybe it comes from my computer but anyway it's cool to see that the forum is still active with R-A-D-D-A or L-O-U-I-S-E

Radda = Louise...just a new user name for the forum! :)
Seven new pictures in Gallery 10 :)
16 new pictures in Gallery 10 :)
another seven pictures added :)
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