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Full Version: Goran out of Aussie Open
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Sometimes it seems he doesnt need an opponent...he just has to win or lose against himself..oh well..his shoulder doesnt look too good either


Quote:Originally posted by sarahjohnston
Sometimes it seems he doesnt need an opponent...he just has to win or lose against himself..oh well..his shoulder doesnt look too good either

Goran Gone
Wednesday, 16 January, 2002

For a 30-year-old who lost his second round match in the Australian Open late at night after two hours, 42 minutes of sweaty toil, Goran Ivanisevic sure enjoyed himself. He crashed down 30 aces, bowed before his opponent and applauded his winners. He waved to line judges, bantered with the crowd and muttered colorful Croatian curses. But it all came to nought against world No.45 Jerome Golmard, who put out the Wimbledon champion and crowd favorite 6-3 7-6(2) 5-7 6-4.

Golmard, 28, is a Florida-based Frenchman who names Rebound Ace as his favorite surface. That preference was obvious as the tall left-hander dominated in all departments but the ace tally. Armed, like Goran, with a big lefty serve, launched off a parallel stance a la John McEnroe, Golmard's attack often had Ivanisevic scurrying and stretching for the ball. He was also impassable at the baseline, finishing off many points with his big forehand. Whatever Goran tried - serve-volleying, staying back and trying to blast through with winners - didn't enjoy much of a success rate.

Golmard's only lapse cost him the third set. At 5-6, an errant forehand and double fault helped Ivanisevic to the decisive break for the set. But Golmard kept up his tough standard in the fourth, and made the decisive break in the fifth game, when Ivanisevic smacked a putaway forehand into the net-cord and then double faulted on breakpoint. He didn't get a chance to recover, Golmard serving out the fourth set and securing his first match point.

"I'm very happy," exulted Golmard, whose third round appearance equals his best Grand Slam showing (he has reached the same stage at all majors except the French Open). "I played my best tennis tonight. It's a dream to play Goran." The Frenchman was primed by his previous two opponents, both big-serving left-handers like Goran. He lost the Auckland final to Greg Rusedski and defeated Wayne Arthurs in the first round on Monday.

Next for Golmard in the third round is Slovak Dominik Hrbaty, quarter finalist here last year and an impressive 6-1 6-3 6-0 victor earlier today over 18th seed Albert Portas.

Ivanisevic had nothing but lavish praise for the man who beat him for the first time in three meetings. "The match was very good. He played great. I don't think he could have played better," said the Croatian. "He's a very talented player. You think you hit a winner and he plays something unbelievable back."

In the face of his opponent's superlative play, Ivanisevic never got down on himself, because "It's not that I did something wrong. He played too good. It's tough when someone's returning like that, always pressure on my second serve."

So, we inevitably asked of the Split personality, was it the good Goran or the bad Goran out there tonight? "They both enjoy," quipped Goran. "They had fun - full house and the contact lenses, finally both can see well. Sure I'm disappointed but I have fun. Crowd was happy, I was happy. I gave my best, I fight and I go proud out of here. Last year I lost first round of qualies. This year I gave my best. I play on centre court, was full crowd. You give your best and then you feel good inside."

With Goran's exit, only three of the top 10 seeds remain. Who can win it? "You have so many good players still in the draw," says Ivanisevic, nominating Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski as his favorites. "It's going to be interesting now."

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More than 3050 hours of Australian Open 2000 television were broadcast to 175 territories (up from 157 territories in 1999), making the Australian Open one of the most distributed and watched tennis tournaments in the world.

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I've just come on line to try and catch up with everything, busy day and I don't get Euro Sport so I have been keeping an ear on the radio for results but hadn't learnt anything till I read your post. Thanks for the update;)


I dont have EuroSport either but had live scores from www.australianopen.com on desktop - whilst I should have been working!
Fantastic Site BTW - esp. photogallery
Thanks :) I've just been up-dating the site and have had to open the seventh gallery, not that mind of course ;)


man that sucks, seems happy thou

Hello all I'm back, did ya miss me?! ;)


meant to say - I like the photo gallerys too, just been checking them out again. How many pictures does that make now then? and are all the pictures used thru the site in the gallery?

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Hello again Blue :)

Good questions...lets see, I think there are about 304 pictures in the gallerys in total and I'm pretty sure all the pictures used through the site are in the gallery, bar original graphics (obviously ;) )
I adapt the pictures used so they may look different than the ones in the galleries, dropped shadows added in etc.

A lot of people have said they don't like the OK! pics so you are not alone!!


Not keen on the cheesier shots myself - but Goran biting his arm...thats gone straight on my desktop!
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