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Full Version: Gorans Life In Film?
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If they were to make a film about Gorans life who do you think should play his role?
I'm thinking at the moment Viggo Mortensen - he played Aragon in the film Lord of the Rings -
Who do you think would do the role justice?


Hi Radda!

I think Viggo Mortensen would be a great choice to play Goran, hes got the same rugged, wildman looks as the lovely Goran. Wonder if it'll ever happen though.........!!

Did you enjoy Lord of the Rings, I thought it was fab even though I haven't read the books.

Bye for now



I've always pictured Tom Cruise as Ivanisevic in the film-biography.

Mostly because they actually look very much the same!


Interesting question, Viggo physically fits the part (although not as good looking as Goran), but his voice is weak, and Goran has such lovely deep voice. Tom Cruise is too Hollywood. Can't immediately think of anyone good enough.
I'm not really a big fan of Tom Cruise...i don't think he would be good to play the part...
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