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New article been added to the 2002 section, from The Times.

'I don’t have any idea what I’m doing,' Ivanisevic said. 'I don’t know when to stay back or when to come in. I’m playing without too much confidence and I don’t know why.' The thought that he had gone through this before provided little by way of comfort, either...

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Cool Radda, there are lots of things about Goran in your web-site, I'm impressed! Are u working in collaboration with his official web-site?

Maybe it's written on the site but english is not my first language so...

No no, just working by myself :)


Well I m impressed :cool:

Do u know what is Goran next tournament?


Hi Uncle Tango! long time no chat :)

Is anyone from this board going to watch Goran play in Liverpool?



Hi Eve!

I'd love to go to Liverpool to see Goran play, do you know where I can get info about tickets,etc? I seem to be having trouble finding out anything at all about this tournament!!!

See ya



Hi Eve, great to see u in this message board :)

Goran is going to play in Liverpool???!!! I thought there was only football matches in Liverpool :o

Tango - You ll never drinnk alone :)
Yeah Goran is gonna be in Liverpool!
More info here:

Gorangirl - I'm hoping to have some more information soon on where to buy tickets :)


Sorry guys, I can't find out where to buy tickets at all. All I know about Liverpool is it's a new tournie before Wimbledon, and Goran is confirmed as taking part.

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