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Full Version: Goran is he playing?
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I saw Goran in the draw of Key Biscane already in 2nd round because is top-seeded.

Is he going to play????

Wait and see...
I've just added some news about it, he has had to retire due to his shoulder again :( Seems he is thinking about retiring at the end of the year


I think Goran was still in the draw just to win the 7 points of the second round ;)

He was leading 4-3 and then stop his match against Squillari.

Now, Clay season is coming :( so Goran can rest a bit :)
I think he is planning resting and being ready for the start of Wimbledon :)


Yeah Wimbledon 2002 :cool:

I thinx Goran will do like Sampras with every year a victory in Wimb, well Goran is already a legend so he doesn't need another victory but I'm sure he can do it this year too!!!

Are they members who are going to Wimbledon????
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