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First, Thanks Radda for the McDonalds Ad, it was cool to watch it even if I don't have sound for the moment in my computer.

Tomorrow, I go to Zagreb and hopefully I will get Goran Stamp (even if it's a holiday day) - I already try to get it on the croatian cost but no Goran Stamps in the Croat Post Offices for the moment....COME ON!!!!

Otherwise, Croatia is a BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY - you have to visit it, especially the sea-side, I haven't be to Split (because it's too far - just have the week-end to travel from Slovenia) but everybody told me that it's a great city (hey hey Goran City must be a really great city:))

Also, People are very welcoming (except if u look too much like a tourist;)) and very pleased when u talk with them about GORAN!!!!

c u all (if some others want Goran Stamps just send e-mail: tanguy_morineau@yahoo.fr - the ones who already did it > I don't forget u!!! - I will take the maximum I can buy if I find them)

Quote:Originally posted by Tango
First, Thanks Radda for the McDonalds Ad, it was cool to watch it even if I don't have sound for the moment in my computer.

Your welcome!! Just wait till you have sound! ;)

Enjoy your trip:)

You make Croatia sound like a very interesting and beautiful place to visit.


News quickly about Goran Stamps!

Not available in Zagreb post office! One of my friend also went to Split and he didn't find them– I think there weren't so much of it or there were just available at the beguining – couldn't find explications with the postwomen because they didn't speak english very well. Maybe the best to get them it's to ask to Goran manager (Elite Management in fact) > will try on september.

Also, Someone told me Goran made an ad for a beer (does someone know about it?) which is really cool from him since I'm a hard-core beer drinker and don't go that often to Mcdonalds (well now I try to make effort to eat sometimes a Big-Mac;))

Last thing, Goran made an ad for Dicaprio suit with other croat sportsmen but in the ad he's in the middle wearing a grey suit and having a really great style. This ad is everywhere in big posters in all the town in Croatia – one of my friend took a picture of me in front of this ad so when I get the pic, i try to scan it!

That's it, Come back Goran, Tennis is really boring without u...imagine Hewitt is number 1...


ps: Juleanne > I will write to u soon – this week hopefully! if u need already some help in french just send me an e-mail.
Any chance of getting a scan of the Dicaprio suit ad for the site? ;)

Goran did an advert for Pan beer, you can read about it and view it on this page - http://www.goranivanisevic.com/pan/goranpan.html


Thanks for the link, I didn't go to his web-site since a lot of time cause it's not updated generally!

Hey This commercial is cool too but I can't remember drinking this beer in Croatia! (i was too drunk?) > it's weird cause I tasted all the croat beers! (maybe the reason is that Pan beer is without alcohol!)

For the pic of the ad, no problem I will send it to u – 1st > Just have to find the pic (camera of one of my friend) 2nd > have to find a scan So I wil say between september and october :)


Just a question Radda > Do I have to register again to the forum? I appear as a guest and therefore (I think!) I have to type my password and user name each time I post (it's not that I'm lazy but 50% of the time I make a confusion with another password i had, and if u make a mistake > u have to write ure message again)

hope it's clear and hope that I put the good password

Do you use the same computer each time you are here, and is it your computer?

If yes, are ur cookies enabled? this stops u having to log in each time. To check go to the top of internet explorer screen and go to
Internet opitions
Go to privacy
Look at the scroll bar. A good setting is medium.

if thats not the problem then I will have a rethink about what it could be!


I've been to Croatia last month, by boat between Split and Dubrovnik. It's such a beautiful country. I asked about the stamps also, in the post office in Split, but the answer was a disappointing, short 'no'. In fact, I found nothing on Goran in Split, just one bilboard for the bear, or in any other place.
I heard, some shops specialized in Eastern European stamps might have the stamps, so I'll try that.
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