Goran in the news a little in Oz
01-18-2003, 02:10 AM
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Goran in the news a little in Oz
HI everyone!

Hi Tango, it's Anita! haven't spoken to you in ages!!!!! but i've been so busy. i heard u went to croatia??? lucky!!

hi everyone else - im sure i know some of you from the other goran fan clubs in the past. is Ivonyl around??

i live in sydney and so the Australian Open is on everyday. i read an interview with Mario Ancic and he talked about GORAN!!!! i was soooooo happy to see my beloved goran's name mentioned and so really wanted to post this interview. goran called him personally to congratulate him (such a nice goran thing to do!) and they talked about goran playing D-Cup again.

god i luv this man so much (goran!!!). can't wait to see this superstar come back to the court and brighten up the game. it's soooooo boring without goran.

so here is the interview. enjoy and hope to get to know everyone soon!!!

adje gorane!! :)


M. ANCIC/P. Luczak
2-6, 7-6, 6-4, 6-2

MODERATOR: Questions for Mario.

Q. How do you think you turned that match around? Pretty tough in the first set, weren't you?
MARIO ANCIC: Yeah. I didn't really start good. I was still sloppy from the Schalken match. I was trying to get work in my legs. He's really tough. He was moving me around. I was just running. That's not the game I'm playing. That's not the game that brought me to the third round. I was just concentrating to fight in my legs to do the right things. Slowly, first set I didn't really play good. Second set I started serve better. That help me to get my game back, especially first couple games. Then I started to play better and better. I just kept my rhythm through the whole match.

Q. Did you find in that first set that you were getting frustrated with your game? What were your sort of levels of frustration like in that first set?
MARIO ANCIC: No, no, I think that help me really much because I was calm, didn't let that, because it's best-of-five. I was just focusing on things I had to do. I really didn't started good. But I just tried to do the best, do the things that I'm thinking that can win the match because I was just running all around. Me at 194 centimeters height, I cannot play like that. I was just trying to step in more and be more aggressive.

Q. At the end of that set, he had broken you a couple times, you went over and sat down, the racquet went down, water bottle, hat, that is all fairly calm, relatively?
MARIO ANCIC: Yeah, that's calm (smiling). No, I was just trying to wake up because I was really sloppy in the beginnings. My legs didn't work. I was too far from the ball, too much behind the line. He was just stepping in and moving me all around. My serve didn't work. I really wasn't aggressive. I think that's the key that he won first set. Second set slowly I started to like little run and points before he served. Just serve really helped me a lot in the beginning. I think second set was crucial because then after that I really pick up my game and play the tennis that brought me to the third round.

Q. The second set tiebreak, that seemed like it was almost a fault-less tiebreak. He won the first point, but from that point on I don't know if you felt like you made a mistake.
MARIO ANCIC: Just middle of the second set, I first trying to step in, but not to make too many mistakes; if he has to win the point, let him into the right shot. That's why I was just trying to do that, especially tiebreak, because it's a pretty important moment. Going 2-0, it's very tough to come back. I focused really much on the tiebreak.

Q. It was a fun celebration afterwards with the crowd. You were pretty demonstrative. Is this a pretty big thing for you, to get this far?
MARIO ANCIC: No, I just do that because all the support that I get because I play in Australia against Australia. Sometimes in the match I heard more Croatian songs than Australia's. As a young player, that really helped me a lot carrying me all the match. I done that for the Croatian fans because they're really supportive from the beginning of the tournament. I was really happy also for them. That's why I did that.
Yeah, it's big thing for me. I'm just looking one match at a time and try to concentrate for next match.

Q. As a young player, what are your expectations or dreams for this year for yourself?
MARIO ANCIC: I never put like any ranking. My main goal is to work hard, as I did in the tournament in Florida, because now everything is tough. The guys are playing really good tennis. You saw also today. No, just try to keep -- try to win as many matches as I can, develop my tennis. That's my really main goal.

Q. Did what happen at Wimbledon last year give you some belief in your potential or did that change anything?
MARIO ANCIC: It has to help because I beat that kind of level, because he's one of the best now in the whole game. It really helped me.
But I practice with all top guys. I'm just believing in my game. I feel I can play with them.

Q. Goran has been coming here a lot of years, very popular with the crowd, especially Croatian supporters. Do you feel today you were sort of stepping into that?
MARIO ANCIC: I think there's big tradition here for Croatian community in Melbourne, Australia. There's also tradition because Goran was obviously playing very good here. That's why they started to come, they started to cheer us. I think that's very important for our young like Krajan against Roddick, and Ljubicic, our young guys, it's very important because we have big support behind us. It's very nice to see in such a long way from the home to see Croatian songs and that. I just really was happy today also for them because they carry me from the beginning of the match.

Q. When Goran is here, he goes to community dinners, parties. Have you?
MARIO ANCIC: I was two years ago during the Sydney Olympic Games. Recently I didn't have time. It's really nice. That time was very good.

Q. The suggestion that Goran might be back to play Davis Cup in the doubles, do you know, what is your role going to be? Do you know where Goran is at in terms of returning to play?
MARIO ANCIC: I spoke with him after Schalken match. We spoke. He's on preparation. He's really ready to play, hungry to play because he was just practicing last couple months. He says he's in best shape of his life. He says he never practice more than ever.
I think he's like big name in the tennis. I think he really like to play and compete. That going to be the best thing for tennis also when he come back.

Q. Do you expect you're going to play singles in that tie?
MARIO ANCIC: I don't know. I don't expect any. There's Niki Pilic who going to decide. I just like. I'm enjoying playing Davis Cup because it's something else. We are four guys together. Goran will be in the team, so it's going to be great atmosphere, like always. No, it's great fun to play Davis Cup.

Q. Did you call Goran after Schalken or did he call you?
MARIO ANCIC: No, he get the number and he called me.

Q. Just to congratulate you?
MARIO ANCIC: Yeah, we spoke.

Q. Did he say anything to you in regards to keep your momentum going, keep playing tennis at that same level?
MARIO ANCIC: Yeah. He's always positive. Me also as a person, I'm just looking one match at a time. I'm happy what I did, but I'm just concentrating for the next match, try to do the same thing there. I'm happy what I did now, but it's not finished. I'm still in the tournament. I'm looking forward because I'm playing good tennis, just keep it going.

Q. One thing you said at Wimbledon was that you felt your temperament was quite similar to Goran. Can you expand on that? Do you mean like on the court or off the court? Goran's temperament is pretty famous.
MARIO ANCIC: In Croatia, we are from same town. Like all the guys there, we are very temperament. Maybe now I'm much calmer. But there's always this temper inside.
Like when I started, I was really nervous, really throwing the racquets everywhere. But now everybody are playing and everybody are concentrated, so I get much more calmer. This hunger to win, it's always inside us.

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