thanks Andre
10-02-2003, 04:34 PM
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thanks Andre
Here is an interview of Andre Agassi from the French sport Magazine L’Equipe (30/08/03), I’ve tried to translate it :

”I’ve never seen a match with so much passion. I never wished so much the victory of someone else than me. Patrick Rafter is a great guy, a very fine player, he would have been win Wimbledon at least one time, but there, the Goran’s victory transcended the tennis : his victor, ten years after losing against me, in the same place, for my first Grand Slam Title, it’s one of the most beautiful story of the history of the sport. He get over nowhere, at one age which normally nobody come back. His personality is so bright, and win like he did, at the end of the edge, it’s beautiful, it’s very beautiful, that’s make the tennis seem greater. Goran made good to the tennis, to the sport…”

As I’m not so good at english, there is the articile in french .
” Je n’ai jamais regardé un match en étant à ce point passionné. Jamias je n’avais autant souhaité la victoire de auelau’un d’autre que moi. Patrick Rafter est un chic type, un très beau joueur, il aurait mérité de gagner Wimbledon au moins une fois, mais là, la victoire de Goran transcendait le tennis . sa victoire, dix ans après avoir perdu contre moi, au même endroit, pour mon premier titre de Grand Chelem, c’est une des plus belles histoires de toute l’histoire du sport. Il revenait de nulle part, à un âge où normalement on ne revient plus. Sa personnalité est éclatante, et gagner comme il l’a fait, en bout de course, c’est beau, très beau, ca grandit le jeu…
10-20-2003, 03:36 PM
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thanks Andre
Salut Elise!

Merci pour cet article!

"L Equipe" is the only French sport-newspaper and sometimes they make some good interview :D

But one problem for this newspaper: After Goran victory in Wimbledon, they put on the cover of the newspaper the picture of...Zidane :rolleyes: because he was going to play for Real Madrid!

3 pages for Zidane and 1 page for Goran :o

10-20-2003, 10:25 PM
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thanks Andre
O yeahhhh I remember that !!!! Why this overpopular-rich footballer stole the exclusivity of the most incredible news of this day !!!!! I don't think that in a not to distant future the people will remerber a guy who sign a conttract but a guy who after 11 years and 3 final lost win his first Grand Slam...
Anyway, the writers in L'Equipe are too patriotic for me...

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