return of serve
05-04-2004, 06:35 AM
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return of serve
I play a lot of tennis. I played in college and I still play in tournaments today. My whole life I have been told that the two most important shots in tennis are the serve and the return. If you can't do one of them, then you can't win. The fact is, even if Goran was serving like he did in the past, he would still be losing as I don't think he has broke serve once in the past three matches. He played a French bum who had never played in the main draw, Waskie or whatever his name is who has won less then 10 matches, and the match today was not against a top player. Now as far as I know, none of these guys have huge serves. I know that Goran does not like clay as it hurts his serve, however the same goes for the people he is facing so he should be able to get a break at some point. I really want to still beleave in Goran however to me his problem seems to be more then just a injured arm. So if he can get his act togeather with the return, then maybe he can at least have a chance to get a few wins this year.
05-04-2004, 06:58 AM
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return of serve
Not a chance. He's like a flat goodyear tire. Deflated and useless (on court) .

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