Goran in Rome
05-06-2004, 03:24 PM
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Goran in Rome
Hi guys
I've just got back from Rome, where I saw Goran play on Monday on Centre Court against Radek Stepanek - and lose, as we all know!
Having just read the interview with him on the News page, I can only agree that he did look a bit lost at times. He did look very despondent at the changes of ends, but as he says himself, he has hardly played, and not getting past the second round of a tournament doesn't make you match-hardened. There were occasional flashes of the old Good Goran, but Bad Goran was definitely on court most of the time, and Emergency 911 Goran must still be in Split.
But the shy little smile and wave he gave when he walked on court to shouts, whistles and screams from a group up in the rear stands, and from me and my two mates opposite the chairs, were worth waiting over 2 years for.
I still can't believe I haven't clapped eyes on him (live) since Wimbledon 2001. And to be honest, until he actually walked on court on Monday, I wasn't convinced he would even be there.
But there he was. And he is determined to keep plugging away so he can play Wimbledon one last time. And so he should.
I'm hoping to see him at Queens, but I see all the centre court tickets have gone and I can only get a ground pass now. Surely they won't pass up the opportunity to put him on centre?!
Anyway, there he was, there I was, and at least the shoulder didn't look like it was playing up. And he certainly seemed to appreciate the support.
Em x
05-06-2004, 06:34 PM
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Goran in Rome
Yep.Good comment. I agree. In munich he was also a little bit lost but this is just clay and I hope that he can make something big in Wimbledon.

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