Pictures of his serve?
05-17-2004, 07:08 AM
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Pictures of his serve?
hi, im from hawaii, and im a lefty, like Goran Ivanesivic. i was wondering, do any of you have any pictures of his service, or even better, video? that would be really cool. i wanna try get a big serve like goran :) (or at least the last time i saw, he had a big serve).

any of you guys here leftys, and play tennis (and have a big serve)?
05-17-2004, 10:26 AM
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Pictures of his serve?
Hi Zesty

Couldn't find any pics of his serve in my saved photos, but if you go onto the Google search engine Images and type Goran's name in there are plenty of pages of photos - I saw at least 4 or 5 of him serving.

I saw him play in Rome a couple of weeks ago and, though he's not back to his old self, there were a couple of flashes of that great serve.

Hope practice makes perfect!
05-17-2004, 07:32 PM
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Pictures of his serve?
I have a big serve but not as Goran ;) his technic is perfect but u have to be tall.

Here are some pics of Goran'serve:

[Image: stella973.jpg]

[Image: 224_300_ivanisevic_gi.jpg]

[Image: player15.jpg]
05-19-2004, 03:52 AM
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Pictures of his serve?
well, i guess there may be my problem rite there. im japanese, and im tall for a japanese guy, standing at 5'7. it would also help to see how his toss is. my coach is one who really wants me to be picky about a toss. so far, ive pretty much figured out how to kick a serve, and how to serve flat, but i still want to learn how to make a really good side spin serve, along with a bigger flat serve.
05-19-2004, 06:49 AM
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Pictures of his serve?
Standing at 5'7 your never going to have a big serve. You shoud work on placement and movement of the serve and not power. The best thing you have going for you is that your a lefty and most people (myself included) hate the wide lefty serve to the ad side. Making your serve flat will take away your advantage of being lefty unless you can really hit it hard.
05-19-2004, 07:33 AM
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Pictures of his serve?
how tall is goran?

yea, i was trying to work on that spin serve to the ad side. the good thing about my school's courts is that the fence is pretty tight to the sides, so if you hit a really spinny serve, it goes right into the fence.

however, although im a lefty, no matter what i try, i cant seem to get that spin serve working. whneever i try it, i either frame it, or wiff it completely. its pretty embarassing for me. when i do hit it, it seems like its just like a regular, second serve. i keep trying to adjust my toss to make it go more outwards so i can get around it, but its just sooo hard... also, ive noticed that my spin serves go really slow... what im trying to achieve is a serve with lots of spin, that goes fast, and maybe even kicks a bit at the same time. any recomendations?
05-20-2004, 05:28 PM
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Pictures of his serve?
To answer your question Goran is 6'4 so he's got close to a foot on you. Now as far as your spin serve to the ad side, I still say that is the way to go as if you can hit it, people will be looking for it and when you do flaten out the serve it will make it look like it's coming a lot faster then it really is.

Your problem of wiffing it...all I can think of is that your taking your eye off the ball. Remember that the court is not going to move, but the ball is. Your toss is the most important part of the serve. Your normal toss should be in front of you to the left, however if you want to get it out wide, try tossing it to the right a little bit. Not to much as you'll most likley frame it or hit it wide but just move it slightly.

Also keep in mind that the most important thing about serving is placement. I stand at 6'3 and can hit my serve at 110 mph or higher when I really get a hold of it. However if I hit it right to a guys forhand everytime then it really makes no diference and he will pick up on it. On your out wide serve it will have to be slower to get it in the court so don't worry about that.

Now for a kick serve, you need to bring that toss back a little bit. You need to come up the back of the ball kind of like a topspin forehand or backhand. So when you swing, make the racquet come up more insteed of out more. Also don't forget your knee bend. That will help you explode through the ball more and being short, you need to use your body as much as you can.

Finally...if you want to hit the ball harder you need great racquet head speed. The harder you try, the more the mussles tense up and the worst your results will be. Relax...your arm needs to be loose so you can whip your racquet through the ball. Make sure that you get your toss in front of you and to the left as if you were going to give the ball a high five.

The last thing you need to remember is pratice, nothing will come over night. It takes time to get results but if you put the work in i'm sure that you can improve your serve. Well I hope that this helped, it should at least give you an idea on how to help your serve.
05-21-2004, 08:11 AM
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Pictures of his serve?
thanks for the help. lately ive been really practicing a lot, hitting a couple of baskets of balls a night. i hit really good during practice, yet, i dont know if its because im hesitating or something, but i cant seem to hit the serves that i need to hit when i need them. also, thanks for that advice on that muscle tensing thing. thats something that i tend to do a lot, which may be my downfall. lately, ive been trying to work out some and get stronger, especially in the legs and the arms, and the abdominals. ill try to get more of my legs into it.

as for looking at the ball, im always doing that. however, last week, for the second time, my coach had to remind me to stop moving me head. im probably doing it unconsciously, because i cant feel myself moving. however, when i focus on not moving my head, the serve seems to work out a lot better. what you said about giving a high-five, thats really good advice. that helps me really picture where i should be hitting the ball. my coach always tells me to hit it at around 11 o-clock, which is about the same thing. however, it just gives me more of a visual when you say a "high-five".

just out of curiosity, are you left handed, or some coach. you seem to be very knowledgable, and i really respect that. ill try what you say tomorrow, and work on it. im on summer break now. whats ironic is that, in hawaii, if you're 5'7, you're realtivly tall. in fact, im probably one of the taller competetors in hawaii. recently i got a digital camera. ive had my mom take pictures of me, and videos of me just to visualize what im doing wrong. finally, ill do my best to work on that head speed. something that may be a downfall is that i have a big head on my racket. its a babolat pure drive oversize, i think. thanks for the help, hope to see you post again. also, anyone else, feel free to post, id really appreciate it.
05-21-2004, 11:37 AM
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Pictures of his serve?
My personnal experience with my serve is that I improved it by watching tennis on TV! I watched a lot of matches of Goran but also others and you can see that all players have their own technics for their serve.

In fact, when I started tennis around 11 y.o (before it was only soccer!) I had lessons but I didn't like lessons...teachers saying to u: "u have to put ure racket like this and bla bla bla..." I was pissed off to have the same serve as Steffy Graf ;)
So i trained by my own, trying Goran type of serve, Philippousis, Kafelnikov, Krajicek, Rios were my models too...and finally i begun to have a good serve with my own technic :)

Some years ago, I made a tennis summer camp for 2 weeks. The 1st day, they made videos of us playing, when they saw my serve, everybody called me Goran :D because of the technic and also because of my spirit on court (Pizda!) after 3 days of tennis non-stop, I couldn't touch a tennis racket anymore, I prefered to pass my days drinking some beers and chating with girls :P
Finally I had this note at the end of the summer camp:

"Tanguy alias "Goran" : Good serve, nice backhand...but lake of motivation! If u want to improve, watch Sampras playing and not Ivanisevic, he will never win Wimbledon!!! If u were professional player, u would be only motivate by the Stella Artois tournament, maybe Goran!Anyway, thanks to have be the bar-tender for these 2 weeks"

That's it, if u are more motivate than me, I'm sure u can do something good in tennis! :)

c u all,


ps: I'm 1m85, my best serves go around 180 km/h
05-21-2004, 08:33 PM
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Pictures of his serve?
wow, at 85 your serve is about 111 mph. i give you props for that one. are YOU left handed like goran? jw :)
05-22-2004, 11:59 AM
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Pictures of his serve?
no I'm right handed. To get powerful serves, u just have to make the end of the "gest" quickly (well, easy to say, difficult to make).
I know one guy who is the same height than me, not strong, he serves at 200 Km/h :eek: It's not so difficult to return his serve as the ball is not well-placed but it's quite powerful ;)

When do we organize a tennis competition with all Goran's fans? :D

05-22-2004, 07:29 PM
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Pictures of his serve?
youre all gonna kill me with your 100+ mph serves...

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