The Future
06-17-2004, 02:16 PM
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The Future
Ok, guess we have to accept reality. Goran will soon be retired, and a new era will begin. But what do you all think he will do next?

Until seeing him yesterday I wasnt so sure we would see him in the public eye much longer, but the guy is just a natural performer - he loves to entertain, i cant see him doing anything else! I personally think he might end up coaching Mario Ancic (I get the impression that he sees him as his little brother), commentating during Wimbledon (cos we know he will be there as a member :)) and then playing exhibition matches and stuff. In a few years time I am pretty confident we will see him on the seniors tour, injuries permitting. Hopefully him playing 'superset' is the start of a new trend...

Over to the rest of you anyway, what are your thoughts?
06-17-2004, 03:07 PM
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The Future
I hope we will still see him around, commenting on Wimbledon would be fab, he has such a wicked (great) sense of humour, it would make watching the matches even better!
Being UK based I would hope he would be working for the BBC for Wimbledon, John McEnroe does the commentary for the Beeb and a US channel, maybe Goran would do something like that expect with a Croatian channel?
I like the superset, seems such a great idea!
Whatever he chooses I just hope we 'see him around' alot ;)

On a side note, are his girlfriend and daughter going to be at Wimbledon this year anyone know?

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