Goran's best quotes!
07-21-2004, 04:00 AM
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Goran's best quotes!
As Goran has left tennis I thought we could pick up on his best quotes.
I especcially remember this one - before the 2002 Wimbledon:

"I said to God before I won Wimbledon, just let me win this match and I don't care if I never play tennis again. Then, after 13 years with no injuries, all these things happen. So maybe he heard and now it's tough to negotiate with God. It's non-negotiation with him."

He had just lost in Queens - and u cant argue: having won Wimbledon in -01 he and God werent exactly the best of friends. Ancle and the elbow-injury let him out of just every tennis-tournament for just too long...
I swear to God...........
07-21-2004, 12:42 PM
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Goran's best quotes!
“When you are winning too much, sometimes you think you should never lose again. I am learning to lose.”

" I think he throws the racquets with emotions. That's how you should throw the racquet." On Marat Safin

" This is so great, to touch the trophy. I don't care if I ever win a match in my life again... This is it. This is the end of the world."
After winning Wimbledon 2001.

“With the balls, we are good with the balls." -- Goran Ivanisevic on the ballin' Croatians.

When I'm calm, you guys all surprised why I'm calm. When I'm not calm, you know, it's like, "Okay, is Goran back again." After defeating Henman, Wimbledon 2001

Question: Breaking your finger (in May 1997) couldn't have helped. How did it
Goran: Only I could break my finger this way. I went home, but I forgot what
I went home for. So I went [back] out to the car, then I remembered what I
came for. So I went back in but I closed the car door on my finger. I
smashed it and broke a couple of bones.
Question Did it hurt?
Goran: No, it was very nice. I'm going to do it again.
Tennis Magazine - September 1998
07-21-2004, 05:36 PM
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Goran's best quotes!
'I'm Genius'
~Goran, Wimbledon 2001 after beating Tim Henman

"I might play in another final there and don't want that stupid (runner's up) plate for a fourth time. I am going to win Wimbledon one day -- even if it is the over 40s doubles ..."

'Ivo on the significance of his almost two-year-old tattoo of a shark, crucifix and rose: 'Cross is cross and rose is like love and shark is mean.
'I am mean, you know? I said that already 50 million times.' January 2000

When you ask him about a plan to speed up matches, he explains: "Good. I like to play fast. Too many players bounce the ball, they look at me, they look at the ground. They bounce it 10 times. They look at the sky. They bounce it again an' I fall asleep."

Sergio Tacchini is not happy because taking off your shirt is not getting any publicity.
Maybe I should make tattoo "Tacchini," if they pay me enough.

My all time favorite -

"No matter what I'll do until the end of my career, I'll always be Wimbledon champion", Goran Ivanisevic, genius

they try and they try but everything that they do
is the ghost of a trace of a pale imitation of you
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09-03-2004, 04:50 PM
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Goran's best quotes!
this are some quotes which i read is an article from 02 2004,this was an article about Goran and his family:
"In Milan I have been separatedfrom my daughter for the first time;now my main enjoyment is watching Pokemon and Digimon with her."
And this is something which Tatjana Dragovic said about there relationship:
"We did not get marrired because of numerous obligations and now it seems so uselee for us."

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