Goran and his new life
09-03-2004, 04:39 PM
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Goran and his new life
hi everybody!
Finally i managed to understand Goran and his decesion to quit tennis...When i saw the pictures of Goran and his littel sweet daughter Amber-Maria i understood -for him now his family is above all,above tennis...
This is what i read in an article from 02.2004
"In Milan I have longed for my daughter.I am totally used to her,her smile,her cooing...I am affraid she will start talking or walking when i am not with her.I wake her up in the morning,dress her,feed her,play with her and nothing is difficult for me.I have told friends they should nominate me for father of the year."
This is so sweet...
Be happy Goran,be happy...

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