The same old Goran is still here
10-17-2004, 06:50 PM
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The same old Goran is still here
I am so happy -a debut and a title!
Goran is just great, but also he is still the same old funny Goran who we love so much!
And here are some quotes from the tournment:

"I am couple of years late.I retired at the wrong time.Maybe I should ask for a Wild Card?But I would not be able to play.I would just want to take telephone numbers"- the reaction of Goran to hearing that the atp Masters Series event in Madrid next week will feature Models for Ball Girl.

Goran"s answer to the question:What does he think of fatherhood?:
"It is great but there is one problem.She does not sleep.At night she seems to turn into a vampire.She wakes up every night 5 or 10 times, asking for things, singing ,calling out.If she only wakes up five times in a night it is like I have won the lottery.I am awake at night and asleep during the day.I have not found a way to keep her asleep.I tried yelling, but if I yell it gets even worse, she starts to cry and scream even more.So, I just give her whatever she wants.If she wants tea, I give her tea.If she wants her bottle, I give her the bottle.Every half an hour I get up and go to her."
:rolleyes: :P :rolleyes:

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