McEnroe and Ivanisevic Reveal "Favourite" British
06-13-2005, 09:39 AM
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McEnroe and Ivanisevic Reveal "Favourite" British
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John McEnroe and Goran Ivanisevic arrived at the Queen’s Club for the Stella Artois Challenge Match on Sunday, and then revealed the identity of their favourite English football team.

The pair had been introduced to English Premiership side West Bromwich Albion by Stella Artois Media Manager and ‘Baggies’ fan David Law.

Ivanisevic and McEnroe, who these days play on the tennis Champions Tour, began to support the team as they attempted to escape from Premiership relegation.

By the time the last match of the season came around, Ivanisevic was fully tuned into the action as Albion moved out of the relegation zone in the last ten minutes.

He admitted that it was almost as stressful as serving at match point for the Wimbledon championships in 2001.

“West Bromwich were struggling to stay in the Premier League but when I started supporting them they stayed up!” said Ivanisevic. “Now I am their supporter and next year hopefully they will not make it as stressful as this year.

“I was watching on the last day of the season, the last ten minutes, watching teletext, switching channels like a freak to see what was going to happen. I’m Croatian, I have nothing obviously in common with West Bromwich Albion, but it was fun. I was glad the team stayed up and next year I hope to have something more to cheer. I want to come and see them in person next year. They are my team and I love English football.”

McEnroe only became aware of the team’s fortunes the day before what was dubbed ‘Survival Sunday’ in May.

Law promised both him and Ivanisevic an official home-shirt if the team stayed up. Thanks to a 2-0 victory over Portsmouth, and other results going their way, they did.

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