juiced guns...
10-08-2005, 08:52 PM
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juiced guns...
I'm kind of curious how Goran-in-his-prime's serve would register on today's 3D guns...the old ones were on average about 5-10 MPH slower than the current ones. Goran's personal best was 137 MPH...so that projects to about 142-147 on today's guns.

It's kind of sad, though, because he and many of the game's old huge servers get shafted by all the speeds shown for the modern guys...so people think Roddick and others are hitting it so much faster and are the greatest ever, but in actuality...you put Roddick back in 1996, and his best serve ever is maybe 145. I remember Rusedski had the record for many years with 143...then the guns started to change.

Of course, all you really have to look at is the ace count...not even close, Goran's the King of Aces. He combined unheardof speed at the time with pinpoint accuracy.
10-08-2005, 11:00 PM
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juiced guns...
The following passage is from the Q&A section on Tim Henman's official website, i thought i would put it here as it seemed to be revelant to the topic of this thread.

"Which of the following players do you think has the best serve: Goran Ivanisevic, Mark Philippoussis or Greg Rusedski?

From: T Ashraf

Tim says: “All three have very difficult serves to return, and when all three are playing well it’s tough to break any of them. Mark’s is huge in terms of pace and his second serve is at times just as quick as his first. Goran’s is very tough to read as it is a quick action, and being a lefty he also has the advantage of being able to open up the court on the advantage side with his sliced serve, but his flat serve up the ‘T’ is almost impossible to get back too, so it’s tough choosing a good position to try and return from on that side. Greg also has the advantage of being a left-hander and when he’s serving at his best he puts a bit more slice on his serve than Goran and can also generate a lot of topspin on his second serve, which makes life really difficult, so perhaps on his day Greg’s is the toughest to deal with, but over the course of his career Goran probably just edges it.”"


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