Winning record
10-08-2005, 09:52 PM
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Winning record
After some investigating, i have found Gorans place on the list of most wins at all Grand Slams and Master Series.

Australian Open - 28th place with 19 wins.

Roland Garros - 45th place with 21 wins.

Wimbledon - 8th place with 47 wins.

US Open - 37th place with 21 wins.

Indian Wells - 27th place with 9 wins.

Miami - 8th place with 18 wins.

Monte Carlo - 33th with 8 wins.

Rome - 7th with 9 wins.

Hamburg - 19th with 10 wins.

Canada - 72nd with 4 wins.

Cincinnati - 21st place with 9 wins.

Madrid - Not within listed 66 places.

Paris - 13th with 12 wins.

With the exception of Canada and Madrid this list pretty much emphasis the fact that Goran was a collosal force in modern era tennis, ranking in the top 20 wins for 5 tournaments. If you take into consideration all those close matches, and all those 'should have been' matches, it really does make Goran a legend of the sport.


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